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Thread: Why is this games connection so broken?

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    Thumbs up Why is this games connection so broken?

    I've played hundreds of different mmos, but none this bad that I lose connection from just logging in. That is absolutely asinine. I tried logging in to mine a few shapestones- they reappeared without gaining a single one, then I was disconnected. It took me 15 minutes of trying to reconnect and getting thrown off to enjoy only 2 seconds of moving before the map stopped loading. Doing some forum digging, this has been going on for months with no real solution.
    How is it THIS bad? The only games I've played even comparable but still better than this heaping pile of dog doo, were games long since abandoned by the dev team. There is no way you can argue to me there is an actual developer working on this.

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    Hiya Kazfirex, I would first like to assure you that the dev team works hard on a daily to give players the best possible gameplay and new content. I sympathize with you on loosing connection, it is especially prevalent on consoles compared to pc. Somethings to help this however are to make sure your console has a strong internet connection or use an ethernet connection if you have one, Hope this helps and thank you for playing trove!
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