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    Tested on march 28
    Issues regarding delves:
    I have 4.7k mf
    -rare rarity drops (gear) from mobs in u11 delves.
    -rewards in delve(u11) go from 2 drops up to 6 (overall) most common drop being shadow(1-5) per floor.

    -drops are lacking compared to u10 and st farming, inert geode content is pointless due to both mr and geode mr caps being reachable with pre-delve content.

    -inert geode craftables are pointless as said before but will potentially be stupidly expensive after release and probably some months if tradable.

    -if the plan is removing STs without something that compensate the loss of efficient flux farming then you will be screwing effort based players' income, not only bots.

    -I sincerely suggest making delves a worthable farm by increasing the chances of getting drops from normal mobs, no need to make the chest drop better quality, when we are missing quantity. Balance it so atleast we can get more shadows from mobs, or make some work as elites. Even if we were able to solo oneshot every mob in u11 delve, it would take long enough to make it less profitable than u10.
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    • Inert Geode Wallets can no longer be deleted, neither can the Endless Watering Can.
    Why when you have one of the watering mount's the can is no longer neeeded.

    solo u10 delvs boss's are hard now the heal from the boss ticking for 50 when it does 90% of your life in 1 hit does not help, The boss was fine a day or so ago after they got buffed.

    would like to see on the trail what room the monolith is in and a way to reset it or spawn extra mobs after a set time for when you cant find where 1 mob went.

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    difficulty scaling isn't working for bosses, and before anyone gives me grief for using knight, it's by far the best starting class in most respects.

    queue'd up as a 800PR knight, cleared it as a 5400PR knight, melee'd the boss for 49 minutes before the server closed the world on me. If the boss was gonna take 98 minutes to kill solo, then 6 players would take over 16 minutes to KILL AN UBER-4 BOSS (Harden V kept showing up as a boss mod), much worse than a leviathan.

    true difficulty scaling isn't appropriate for starting-mid game players, your gem rolls will hinder you but you can't get lunar souls until you clear delves.. so take off your gems and roll around with maxed crystal-1 gear.. and then why bother putting your gems back on?

    put souls back on ST bosses, get more from delves if you can't put in an appropriate difficulty setting for delves.

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    Don't Trash Mastery!!

    Increasing the cap to 500 rather than 200 doesn't solve the problem that we will be gaining NOTHING for any mastery levels we get after that. Give us damage (even if it is a lower amount than level increments between 0-500) for each level we get.

    I also noticed that the class leaderboards will be changing and PR will be taken out of it completely. Why would you give us 1 pr after that 500 mastery cap for each level if there is nothing pr is useful for anymore?!?!

    Why should i grind a few mil flux for a new mount when i'm already max stats?
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    --Dinotamer Bug--

    If you use the shield ability after using the ultimate ability, you can't attack.

    --Shadow Tower--

    Shadow tower rewards are very bad. It's not even worth entering to get badges. If it doesn't change, shadow tower won't be used by anyone. Gears can be removed from shadow vault. Shadow cache and shadow shard should be added to vaults again. Completely erasing the shadow cache and shadow shard from the shadow tower can ruin the economy.
    Shadow shards in Delve worlds are definitely not enough. I don't think shadow shards fit the theme of the rate either.

    Shadow tower entrance costs is really nice. People are going to enter with the group now, not alone. It would be right to close the income-expense range as much as possible.

    You did a great job removing the 3 floors in the shadow tower. You saved us from bots. Also, the shadow tower has become a more fun place than before. Thank you for all of these. I hope we can see different themes and bosses there in the future.

    About bots:
    Banning bots would be better for everyone. If you cannot do so, delete the items they have obtained unfairly. Especially key and key parts.


    Delve still brings nothing. You spend 20/40 minutes and you get almost nothing. I think items drop from monsters should increase. It feels really bad to get 5 items by killing 500 monsters. The problem is not the value of the item. You have solved this problem before. The problem is the frequency of finding the items. We should be able to get 50/100 items by killing 500 monsters, not 5 items by killing 500 monsters. I don't expect all the items to be stellar. I just want to be able to get more item.

    It's really nice to be able to find dragon pieces in the delve worlds. I am sure new players will be happier.

    Builder box and its derivatives should be removed from these worlds. The amount of ore found in the world must be reduced. Other geode worlds should be advantageous in this regard.

    I think most things about public delve should be change. System-generated groups are a complete disaster.

    --Mastery Rank--

    Mastery rank changes made me happy. This change will be much better for the new players.

    Some of the mastery rank awards are really bad. You paint some items and put them back there. There are thousands of great content produced by the community. Please choose the beautiful ones from there and add them. Or let the players choose by voting.

    These things need to change. The following are the worst awards.

    220- 5x Radiant Sovereigns
    270- Eclipse Key Tome
    310- 5x Radiant Sovereigns
    330- Blue Gem Dust Journal
    420- 10x Radiant Sovereigns
    430- Yellow Gem Dust Journal
    450- 20x Radiant Sovereigns
    480- 10x Radiant Sovereigns
    490- Fishing Lure Fantuary
    520- 10x Radiant Sovereigns
    530- Red Gem Dust Journal
    580- 10x Radiant Sovereigns
    620- 15x Radiant Sovereigns
    630- Lustrous Gem Ledger

    Note: Many tome must change. The rewards they give are incredibly bad.

    My suggestions

    Rewards that can be given after 500 trove mastery rank:

    -Fishing speed
    -Crafting speed
    -Flying speed
    -Movement speed


    -Watering pet
    -Auto picking pet
    -Something we can open 1 of the promotional items

    Rewards that can be given after 100 geode mastery rank:


    -Omni power
    -N-Charge Regen
    -Jump for geode
    -Movement speed for geode

    -Inert Tome


    I was always farming shadow tower because farming in Adventure Worlds was a problem for me.
    I hate farming in Adventure Worlds. I'm having ping and lag issues most of the time. I wait 20/30 minutes for the world to empty. I know there are a lot of players like me. Can't private worlds be created for people who like to farm or have problems like this? Disposable portals just like private delve portals. Of course I don't expect it to be free. Craft cost can be keys, fragment or inerts.

    In a world like Delve, I'd love to kill minibosses without stopping. I don't think bots will be a problem because bots use autohotkey and tp ( Worlds need to be created randomly. Like delve worlds. Like geode worlds. Like adventure worlds. )


    +Eclipse key tome appearance needs to be changed
    +Delve key crafting bench appearance needs to be changed (in delve worlds)
    +"hmm , i was thinking , if there is no more st rooms , where St fishes will be caught ?"
    +Do you plan to add a new companion with the new module?
    +If you add new companion will you add companion effigy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by waffle66 View Post
    Increasing the cap to 500 rather than 200 doesn't solve the problem that we will be gaining NOTHING for any mastery levels we get after that. Give us damage (even if it is a lower amount than level increments between 0-500) for each level we get.

    I also noticed that the class leaderboards will be changing and PR will be taken out of it completely. Why would you give us 1 pr after that 500 mastery cap for each level if there is nothing pr is useful for anymore?!?!

    Why should i grind a few mil flux for a new mount when i'm already max stats?
    Grind mastery for the cosmetic rewards, not EVERYTHING has to be done to get you stronger. It's your choice whether or not you want to grind mastery. It honestly still concerns me that people have been getting mastery specifically for the combat buffs this entire time, especially once reaching a point where earning mastery is painfully slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NintenJoeGamer View Post
    Grind mastery for the cosmetic rewards, not EVERYTHING has to be done to get you stronger. It's your choice whether or not you want to grind mastery. It honestly still concerns me that people have been getting mastery specifically for the combat buffs this entire time, especially once reaching a point where earning mastery is painfully slow.
    The cosmetic rewards never really were making people grind mastery, except for the golden name and an exclusive dragon before they increased the cap to 1000, getting stats has been the bigger motivation all the time. Back in the day of a low mastery cap the bonus that drove more people to grind mastery were the free chaos coins and now the bonus that drives people to grind mastery is the damage buff. Having a colored name is a great way to show off how long you have been playing and how much dedication you have, but the other cosmetics locked behind mastery are not that special, they look bland, in many cases you wouldnt even use them, because they lack special abilities, the allies offer bad stats and don't look very special either and the gear styles are pretty ugly to be honest.

    Of course there is a great reward every now and then, like the dragon hoard tome, the pinata tome, the effigy, etc, but first of all, beginners cannot even see these rewards before they advance far enough and second, they don't drive people to spend hours collecting mounts and stuff, since without the stat gains there are no feasible goals mastery-wise for the beginners. Getting to the top of the leaderboard is impossible without paying at least a thousand bucks, getting to MR 1000 is impossible as there is not enough stuff to collect, leaving only the colored names that could motivate someone to continue grinding pure mastery post MR 500 (or whatever the stat cap will be).

    I have suggested this multiple times already and people seem to like this idea, have non-combat stat improvements as a reward per rank after the combat stat cap. Stats like magic find, currency gain (adventurine, inert geodes, dragon/bomber coins, etc), mount movement/boat movement/wings gliding speed, tome fill rate, crafting speed, heck even chaos factor at some points.

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    My thoughts about the delves so far

    I've been trying the delves every now and then, but I really can't get into them for a couple of reasons.

    - There should be a difficulty slider for the public queue and the private delves. Having to play a weaker class in public delves to get into more accessible difficulties isn't quite fun and neither is having to start on low stages for private delves (haven't tested those much, so dunno how it works later on, but the dang limitations keep me from doing extensive testing).

    - Tieing the different Shadow Titans to specific delve biomes might be a good idea, especially if you could let players vote for or just choose which biome they want to face in their delves.

    - Have some more actual rooms in between of all these tunnels, perhaps include some buildings or have sections that resemble ruins. Running through these monotonous tubes feels like it's gonna cause visual deprivation to me...

    - I understand that the enemies within a segment of the delve are all exactly the same so players can identify to which segment they belong, but for the sake of visual engagement having some color variations or a couple of different appearances for these enemies would be great. Put some different hats and/or weapons on those humanoid enemies, give the animals some recolors.

    - Let the bosses drop some more loot, come on, 1 piece of equipment isn't enough for the effort.

    - Something akin to loot goblins would be cool.

    - Where are the spiders and robots?

    - A dragon tied to the delves would be nice, especially if the Divinities stay in the STs. There could be a chance for a delve to have a room with a dragon boss, which would drop fragments for the delve dragon and/or the fragments could be available for purchase using inert geodes.

    - The idea of CC inflicted by the environment and enemies in trove doesn't feel quite right for me, so I guess I am pretty biased about this, but the slows inflicted in the delves still are too painful to endure for multiple rooms.

    I still wish the delves were less important for the progression in Trove, as they don't feel or play like Trove in my opinion, but I know a lot of people enjoy them a lot and since there still is a chance for the shadow arena/tower stuff to get salvaged, I would be happy to accept the delves as part of the core gameplay if they get polished a bit more and some of the concerns raised by the community and myself get adressed.

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    1. Enemy AI
    1. The distance between enemy spawn and the return back behavior needs to be increased. Currently, enemies who are being lured too far away from their spawn will lose aggro and go back regardless if there are still players around. It is very frustrating to work on gathering enemies from a room, only for them to start walking away in the middle of the battle. It looks very unrealistic as well.
    2. The enemy should follow the player if the player it's within its range of detection. If I drag with CB vortex enemies far away from their spawn, they'll lose aggro and I'll be walking around with enemies literally on top of me who "don't even see me because they want to go back where they spawned".
    2. Vacuum Module
    1. Vacuum module monsters pulled should be much higher (50+). It seems it pulls around 20 or so (CB vortex is limited at 20). This limit makes the "increase range" rather useless because it will only pull the 20 closest.
    2. Sometimes if the ping is high and since the vacuum itself is short, it will teleport the enemies back to their original position.
    3. I think it should require more inert to craft/upgrade, at least at the current rate it's very easy to get inert.
    3. Delves
    1. The enemies killed as an objective. You can either get under 50 or close to 500, regardless of anything else.
    2. The number of modifiers per run are also random
    3. When entering a room you should be able to visually see how many enemies left are in that specific room. It happened to many about 7 times to fully clear a room and to not count for the rooms cleared. This is also again frustrating because some enemies can lurk into the next/previous room and they're the same type of enemy.
    4. I can see you have a room enter/leave detection behavior. I suggest warning the player when he's going into a previous room because especially when you teleport from start, you have no idea which direction is forward and which is back.
    5. Light/Dark stats have effect only from u8+ (not sure if intended or bug)
    6. Right clicking inert from personal chest won't transfer it to inventory.
    7. You can change gear at any time during the public delve. So to cheese it out, you can remove your gear/gems and queue in a low uber, then put your gear/gems back and melt the enemies just to farm inert/mementos/etc.
    8. If you queue to a public delve and then go into a private one, you're still in the queue and will be pulled out of the private delve to the public one while mid-private delve without warning.
    9. Public queue is....I wonder what it is because consistent is definitely not the word. Sometimes I queue as 35K PR and get put alone in u3-u5, sometimes in u11.
    10. Most players wanted to try out delves in a lower uber to see how it is, but they were put most of the time in u11 where their first impression wasn't too good since they were doing 0.26% damage with 6000 light.
    11. Added as edit: The switch between geode mode and adventure mode is waay too slow, making it hard to perform some fun combos and experiencing the new gameplay.
    4. Delve Bosses
    1. Some bosses have no modifiers at all
    2. You are at the mercy of RNG with modifiers, you can either get Vulnerable and kill it in seconds or Hardened and kill it in minutes. The difference between doing 25% of your damage or 175% of your damage is random, rather than progressive.
    3. I got a "blue crab" memento from Ifera (not sure if that's intended or not)
    4. If you fail to kill the boss aka you die and the cursed resets, you do NOT get your pots refilled. This is a miss from the ST boss room behavior which is very much needed back.
    5. I like that now we can actually experience the boss abilities and have to dodge around, learn the attacks, makes us appreciate the boss behavior and the work of the animators, designers.
    6. Add delve bench and NPC to the vault boss room so the players can consume the acquired inert without leaving. At the moment this is very backward, you will hit the inert cap very soon and then you're just wasting your time in the delve, it makes the player not want to continue.
    7. Timmerse spawns old boots as enemies (not sure if intended or bug)
    5. Delve Modifiers
    1. Gladiator and Tenebrous modifiers can't be visibly identified and they stack on top of the other modifiers. These should not stack or if they do, at least make them visible to the player like the other VFX such as Magical Resistance/Physical Resistance/Distance Shielding.
    2. I can see some modifiers such as Hardened, Vulnerable, Tenebrous have multiple levels, yet I haven't seen any progression curve on how these are being rolled. The way it seems to be right now is simply RNG. You can get directly Hardened 5 from your first delve ever.
    3. I suggest adding some logic to these modifiers to make it feel like a progressive increase in difficulty, rather than a complete RNG fest.
    4. I suggest splitting the Gladiator into Health & Stability and Damage increased. It just seems too overpowered to be in 1 modifier. (Note: this was the most common modifiers I've encountered in my runs, almost all of them had it)
    5. Currently I've only seen 1 modifier which helps the player. Healthdraw(Trovian attacks heal them for a percentage of their maximum health). I suggest adding more of these and make a balance of 50/50 split. 50% of the modifiers to be against the player and 50% helping the player.
    6. The following modifiers have no description: Glim Glim, The floor is lava, Cool Steppin, Trigger Finger
    6. Monoliths
    1. Depending on the position of the monolith and the cave layout, sometimes the enemies spawn under or above the monolith. This is extremely frustrating as they can also blend in with the other cave enemies making the player confused about what to kill.
    2. The model of the monolith should be taller, it's rather easy to miss them visually. The model sometimes clips into the floor making it harder to notice.
    3. Enemies should have small name tags depending on player proximity. The objective says to kill but the player has literally no information on how these mobs are named since there isn't a name tag on enemies.
    4. Enemies should have some VFX above their head (similar to player queue green VFX) to indicate the ones which were spawned by the monolith. They can easily blend with the other enemies in the caves making the player confused about what to kill.

    7. Tomb Raiser
    1. Currently broken in delves. Minions don't despawn and don't deal any damage, same as banshee.
    2. The range of banshee heal must be much wider, because in delves the minions aggro on random enemies so they don't really stay near you. Whenever you want to heal your minions (especially the purple ones) you have no chance because they're attacking something away from you (since you can't control their target).

    If you want to refer any of my points you can easily use digits based on the lists.

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    can you remove your gear and gems to get a easier u11?

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