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    PTS Delves Feedback Thread - 3/20/2020

    Check out the PTS patch notes and leave your constructive feedback here.

    Thanks for testing and keep in mind things are subject to change!

    Update March 24, 2020:
    "Hi everyone! Coby “Meowser” West here, designer on Trove. I wanted to come forward and talk a bit about why we put in the mastery stat cap. The desired effect of the cap is to allow players who started playing more recently to have a chance to catch up in effective power to those who have been playing since beta. The way mastery was before it was impossible, and discouraging for players who started after the game launched to hope to compete against long term players. We want Trove to continue to grow and to continue to be fun for new and old players alike, which is why we made these changes.

    Coming tomorrow, we hope to raise the cap to 500, and decrease the rewards per level to maintain the same total rewards.

    Some related changes that we are talking about that may come soon are:
    • Changing mastery so it continues to give 1 Power Rank per level past the damage cut off.
    • Changing the Power Rank leaderboards to something that requires player effort on the specific class per week, instead of the current system that rewards the same players week after week.

    We are still reading and discussing the comments and posts that are coming in. If you have constructive feedback please make sure you are posting it on the forums!"

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    Couple bugs: you can use mounts and wings in public delves. (not in private ones though). Purple shielded enemies have said magic damage resistance, but I noticed that purple shielded enemies are less tough than yellow shielded enemies.

    Feedback: bosses are too weak, their health seems to be similar to a single yellow shielded enemy for a magic damage class. The chests that spawn after a boss is killed drop items of too low quality (not sure if this is a bug or not), my friend got an uncommon item and I got a rare and an epic one, which is strange because it is "uber-11" and we have over 4k magic find.

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    Angry Bad mastery changes

    My friends and I have been reading the patch notes and we have noticed the mastery changes. We all agree that it will take the endgame goal out of the game, making mastery pretty much useless other than a cool sigil. Damage is the only reason people care about mastery, not the power rank. Many of us are flippers, we enjoy playing the market. I believe if the changes go live less players will be interested in buying mastery, making everything we have invested in useless, crashing markets. Lots of endgame players have resorted to flipping, as there isn't enough content to play.

    I have been hearing talk in club chats, and endgame club chats at that, and the mastery changes are the biggest criticism, many saying that they will quit. It feels like we have worked so hard on something that is being taken away from us. I was thinking that sure, the first 200 mastery levels give increased damage, after that you gain, lets say half of what you gain now? Removing the whole damage from mastery element from this game is not a good decision, and I am really not happy about what I have read so far. Sorry for a headache, and I hope the dev team can satisfy us, but I do think without changes, many will quit.

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    Mastery changes are stupid because grinding for mastery is literally useless, what's the point of having it infinite if only 200 is needed? The mastery bonuses should be granted every 3 levels so out of 600+ trove mr you can get it 200+ times as it is right now on pts
    Mobs in delves should drop more items.
    I don't really know why mf is so eh now, literally anyone that doesn't actively grind dragons can get big numbers easily.
    Prism of light can be loot collected for 3 emp frags which is like 3 radiant emp gems, and prisms of light are very rare compared to radiant emps.

    Shadow towers: I heard about a revamp but that's just some "let's kill it and make a new one"
    St worlds could just be united like delves in a bigger world to prevent lag.

    This is a question rather than a feedback: Are lunar souls capped now? because we can't get double/triple anymore but are they capped to an N amount per week?

    Now a bug: Mementos should give mastery or? I couldn't read it on my Collections

    While switching from adventure to discover mode is very good, why do we need it? Can we mine something new that I didn't notice? We should run fast through delves because otherwise we can't go deeper so why should we stop to mine geode stuff while mobs are surrounding us...? EDIT: Apparently in the patch notes there should be delves asking to gather ores but i never encountered one.

    Might edit this even more if I can think about something.

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    Hey, i wanted to take this opportunity to give my Personal Feedback on the Patchnotes regarding the
    Delves System and especially the other changes coming with it.

    Shadow Tower changes:
    -I don’t really understand why you remove everything from shadowtowers and replace it into delves, this is breaking the old content and makes the new content nearly as boring if you are grinding for the exact same resources there as before in shadowtowers except for maybe crystal 4 gear.

    -About the Starfire Fragments, you could already drop them from Worldbosses

    -And I have to mention the botting problem here again, there still hasn’t been anything done to prevent it even those rather weird changes to the shadowtower rewards don’t prevent the massive flux gain from shadowtower bots and the increased magic find we will be able to get just amplifies it even more.

    Mastery Changes:
    First of all it feels very bad for people that grinded thousands of hours and spent a decent bit of money on store items to get all the mastery there is (some people even spent multiple thousands especially since you need 1k patron points for a badge that gives mastery) losing the stats and feels just like we wasted all our time, money and effort. It also will kill the motivation of trying to get all the mastery and the endgame of trove completely and the competition for slightly better stats and pr. Talking about Pr, if there is no more Pr gained from Mastery beyond Lvl 200 there will be hundreds of people with maxed classes which will be very stupid for class contests and the Club Pr Leaderboard, like half the game is designed around that and you even made the change away from the 300 cap in the past and want to get us now back to a 200mr level cap is just not understandable to me. Also you are cutting down your own money gain from Packs in the Shop cause nobody will feel the need to buy them anymore. This is by far the worst idea since the existence of this game in my personal opinion. “A main factor what keeps players playing a mmo is the competition between each other couse thats how it works it feels rewarding to be better than others because you put hard work into it. Take it out and there will be mass quitting.”

    Tomb Raiser Changes and Delve Update:
    Sadly I haven’t found the time to test out the update yet because I just came home from work, but I will post my feedback on the Delves and Tombraiser later this week but it would be very important to fix Exportaccount first so we can properly test stuff un pts.

    Magic Find Changes:
    Would be nice if you can go into detail about the multiplicative part, maybe with an example
    Also I don’t feel like its necessary to punish /respawn

    Crystal 4 Gear:
    It’s a really bad idea to let us basicly grind for gear all over again after just farming c3 and maxing it to now throw it away and farm for c4, instead you could let us farm for a new resource in delve to upgrade our c3 to c4. Just going through all this process of farming and upgradeing all over again would feels like we wasted so much time and resources on c3 just to now throw it away. I also would like to mention the horrendous rng for c3 drops that made farming c3 for all classes a lengthy progress. In general I would think a upgade system of the existing gear is a way better solution same would go for gems aswell.

    Delves give 6 Badges for completing of Public, Private and Challenge delves:
    Im a big fan that you added Private Delves pls don’t ruin that fact with a badge that we have to grind in public delves.

    Other Stuff:
    -I like the idea of the new currency system
    -Its very good that you can use /joinme for delves
    -glad to see fixed a lot of the wrong mastery values
    -“Players can now donate Clubits to clubs they are not a member of” its a decent change that makes selling clubits a bit more easy but sadly not scam proof
    -“There is no longer a cooldown associated with changing your primary club”
    This is very dangerous since as far as I know there is still an existing club boost bug that allows you to have double the club boni for the world you are currently in this was obviously limited by the world and the 24h cooldown, with that going away that could lead to a massive abuse.
    -“the prompt to join bomber royale is no longer provided to new player”
    This sounds to me that new players don’t have access to bomber royale right away if that’s the case that’s a really good change to decrease bomber royale botting.
    -there is a lot of decent quality of Life stuff in this update but I would with if you could add an extra search system that lets me search for ally stats and not only ally names

    With my final words I want to thank you for your work on the game, even tho this post sounds mostly negative I stil love this game and its community a lot <3

    Edit 23.03.20

    After i had some time Testing Delves is the stuff i noticed:
    -The Kill enemies quest to get the boss feels way to boring and too long and somehow appears way more often then the others
    -we get way to litte loot from delves since the normal enemies dont drop loot so we invest like 6-16 min a stage just to get really bad loot from the boss (best i got was c1 after like 50+ delves and some chest legit dropped nothing or like one glim lol)
    -the skulls are bugged in delves i dont know sometimes they spawn the enemys in other cave systems like 4 rooms away from the actual skull and other times you cant complete them at all even after clearing the stage fully which is really anoying and frustrating i would suggest leting the enemys respawn at the skull if they didnt got hit for like 30 seconds and also lower there spawn range.
    -deeper delves barely give more rewards
    -tomb raiser is still bad dmg wise and the ai of his minions is just very bad
    -you could also increase the hp of the bosses a bit since even with hardeness 5 we can kill it with 3 people in like 40 seconds
    -bosses feel very bugged for example the pin enemys spawned by pingod dont move cant die and dont attack
    -we encountered enemys that heal so much of our attacks that we couldnt kill them with 7.5 mil coefficient and ~8k light
    -if you switch from geode mode to regular mode you cant jump for around 3 sec which is really anoying and gets me killed a lot
    -c4 still has no upgrade cost
    -mementos seem to drop really rarely after like 50+ delves i only got two of them and also i dont drop the memento of the boss i killed but instead just a random one it feels like
    -also it can hapen that there is no entrence to the boss room apparently maybe its getting blocked by a cave generateing infrond idk
    -and the world needs to stay open for longer, if everyone gets a disconnect the world is instantly gone

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    have to agree with nik

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    Post Mastery character stat Cap of 200 will remove the purpose of needing mastery

    1: what attracted players to the prospect of mastery was being able to improve as a player.

    2: anyone who has c4 gear in the new update and has 200+ mastery can not improve because their stat potential has been capped (any item obtained past 200 mastery has no value except vanity)

    3: removing the need for mastery means you remove the need to improve....

    4: this will impact the incentive for players to want to buy p2w items cause it wont provide them with any advantage exclusive to money after these changes.

    5: nobody is unique because a player with 200 trove mastery will be no different from a player with 656 trove mastery except for vanity items and a higher power rank that would seem false because there is no difference in the actual player power after 200 mastery in the new system

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    Nik is absolutely right on basically everything said above

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    agrees with nik, he got all the negatives and positives well together <3 i just hope this 200 mastery thing will be just earsed, if it will go to live like this it will probably kill mostly the endgamer layer what mostly keeps this game still alive.. its also disappointing to see speedruns to disappear, but to say some positive i love the idea of a better "geode cave" and loves the new ally/mount designs :3

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    yeah i agree with nik too. he summed it up very well

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