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    I also agree with every point mentioned by Nikstar and SoTottalyJosh. Changes need to be made!

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    This update will kill trove. o/

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    Mastery and Cave afks

    The change to Mastery will effectively mean all our hard work to get to the top has been wasted. More of an issue for me that I see is that you cannot afk during a geode cave as your time goes down regardless of being afk. There needs to be an afk mode, because we all have lives, we all have to afk from time to time be it the door, a friend, an emergency or whatever. I for one will not participate in something I cannot safely afk for when needed as it will be a frustrating waste of time to get close to a boss with a lot of time and work, only to run out of time because I have to afk for a few mins.

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    I'll keep this short and straight to the point.
    The rework for Tomb Raiser is really nice; making it stronger right off the bat with way less setup time to start dealing damage while also leaving room to stack up on even more damage.
    one issue with the rework is how Banshee's Boon has a way too short uptime because of the added cooldown. It would be nice to either reduce the cooldown to 5-6 seconds or have the ability consume less energy after activation.
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    My "quick look" feedback

    Delves content has some pretty good potential to be considered fun. Speed boosts from Trove aspects (Pyrodisc + Vampyrian gems, certain allies, etc) can combine with speed boosts from Geode aspects (Barrier + Pathpainter), making for ridiculously fast movement through the caves. However, it's kind of a moot point if we rush to the bossroom and the boss objective hasn't spawned in yet for whatever reason. It would really help to have a clearly defined goal prominently displayed - for example, if you need to kill 300 enemies to make the boss spawn, then there should be a kill counter placed directly below the delve progress bar. People like knowing specifics, as it allows us to plan out our strategies around that.

    It also lowkey gives my Boomeranger some real significance in resource gathering because my bombs instantly mine Geode ores (which feel like an eternity to otherwise mine through because they're tough ores to break). For actual runs however I'm going to likely stick to my Dracolyte for its movement speed build and the constant piercing damage sweeping through the swarms of foes.

    There are some other things I'd suggest as well. If there are plans to time Delve runs (which one of the two new weekly contests heavily implies), then there should be a way to start the timer after everybody's ready to begin. Either:
    - Create a gate to seal the entrance room, surround it with a killzone for those cheeky people who try to weasel out of there early, and place an interactable object to start the delve timer. This gives people time to load in, take note of the modifiers, and get ready to rush.
    - Start the timer only after someone has left the initial starting room.

    Also, I don't think there are any options to change my Geode Modules at the *start* of a Delve (unless I've overlooked this), only at the bossroom after it's been cleared. Relatively small QoL gripe.


    As for the other general stuff:

    - De-emphasized Shadow Tower
    I'm curious if there'll be much reason to run ST outside of Despoiled Divinity, badges for Hydra/Dreadnought clears, the weekly flawless contest, and rare fish from Shadow Dungeons. It's still important for mastery points I suppose (and a dragon in the case of Despoiled) but the shift towards Delves is likely to make this an afterthought for many people. Also, I'm unsure if this will do anything to address the issue of some people botting Shadow Dungeons, who usually do it because it's a consistent and repeatable means of getting wealth via looting the equipment drops, or getting ridiculous scores in certain weekly contests.

    - Stats from Trove mastery being retuned
    You'll be getting a lot of complaints from late-game players who want to maintain their advantages earned from time/money spent on the game. Capping the power gains to Trove Mastery Rank 200 is likely to push a lot of collectibles from "get this to become slightly more powerful" to "get this because it looks cool", so some packs with exclusive mastery points in them might not sell as well since it's not necessary anymore for power rank reasons. Overall, however, I feel like this will be a good thing as it encourages newer players to invest the time to get to 200 Mastery (which could help with retention) and makes the game less pushy with its microtransactions (i.e. it feels less pay-to-win, so people with lower budgets could be more inclined to try playing at a competitive level).

    I might suggest bumping up the proposed power cap to Trove MR 300 instead of 200, because 300 is a more notable milestone (the mastery points needed per level formula changes at that point).

    - New stats from Geode mastery
    Looking pretty great. This coupled with the Geode modules being prominently used in Delves might nudge some people to work more on their Geode mastery.

    - Tomb Raiser revamp
    It's good that this is finally being done; Tomb Raiser has been a joke for too long. I can't speak to how balance feels now because it's not really a class I play much, and if I did have feedback I'd be putting that in its own dedicated thread. I do plan on seeing how it plays at a mid-game (~15k-20k PR) level later on, however. ^_^

    - Ability to donate Clubits to clubs you're not a member of
    Huge thumbs up here. This will not go unnoticed among those who sell/give Clubits to other clubs.

    - No cooldown on changing primary club
    Also a huge thumbs up. This will help people check up on club experience for lower-level non-primary clubs without sacrificing their benefits (for a full day) from their actual intended primary. It could also help broaden the representation that smaller clubs get (for example, people might flaunt the club tag for "Dracolyte Flash Mob" while doing a flash mob in the hub for fun and publicity). It'd also allow one to recover immediately from rare glitches that change your primary without your input.

    - Deconstruction options added for Prisms of Light and certain dormant dragon eggs
    Oh heck yes, some people will be very happy to see that. I myself have a Prism of Light and a Worldspring egg just sitting in storage that I'll be happily rid of.

    - Various other QoL changes/patches/etc
    Pretty much everything else there looks good to me. Glad to see so much QoL here.

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    Being as high mastery as I am today, all the hours and money spent will be worthless if this comes out like it is; If being end game can now be reached in less than 100 hours, all those people with +2000 like myself are going to feel the back stabbing from the Devs to implement one of the biggest "nerfs" I've seen.
    § I suggest that mastery stop giving dmg & hp around 500 and after 500 still getting pr to keep the leaderboards somewhat competitive.
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    I agree with Nik on most if not all of the points he made. The new mastery system is a horrible idea that will ruin the game for the endgame player, so new players could feel a little better about themselves. It think we're too far in to the current mastery system do go changing it on a whim. If the update goes live with the new mastery system most of the old player will be quitting if not all, without a doubt.

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    What I think is unecessary/dislike about the patch notes:
    1- Crystal 4
    2- ST club adventure changed to delves
    3- Mastery Changes
    4- Magic Find Changes
    5- /respawn nerf

    My feedback:
    1- C3 gear is already rare and expensive to upgrade enough. Instead, delves could reward the one piece of gear that doesn't have crystal rarity yet, rings, in levels of 1 through 5 (like stellar), so y'all can make the lvl 5 as absurdly rare as you want and players won't have to ditch gear they spent lots of resources on.
    2- Keep Larsene as is. It's the most popular club quest and will be basically the only thing that doesn't make shadow towers useless. For a delves quest, I'd suggest adding a new club npc, maybe a sunseeker guard or something.
    3- Capping the stats and pr gains so early removes a decent amount of the incentive to progress further. I do think endgame players should have, as incentive to progress, an advantage over others, which is currently a few hundred pr points and some extra hp and dmg (nothing that creates a huge gap). So I'd suggest keeping things as is. (The geode mastery boosts are fine)
    4- I haven't entered the test club yet so I don't have a formed opinion on this, but it does not look good.
    5- Feels like an unecessary change.

    Overall? Good update. Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but Shadow Towers didn't have much going for them. 4 dungeons and a boss room. As long as delves can bring more to the table while keeping the rewards in a similar or better rate than ST's, it's fine by me.

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    I have been playing Trove for about 4 years and during all this time I never felt the need to create a forum account until today. Carry out the changes proposed to the Mastery Rank basically made all of the things, not just me, but all "endgamers" have worked for and time spent are meaningless.

    I'm not saying the game shouldn't be a bit more balanced so that new players aren't so intimidated by the game they stop playing, but also, new players shouldn't be able to reach the end game in 2 ~ 3 months. This would be like a stab in the back to all those who spent time and money in the game. What will be the motivation to purchase new packs, mounts, patron or exclusive items if you do not grant any benefits after Mastery Rank 200? The current cap is 1000, why not just keep it there?

    Keep the boosts of Power Rank, DMG and MH, but that they progressively decrease as the mastery rises, so early players can benefit. In that way, new players could get most of the stat boosts early, while still granting a small bonus to those who want to keep spending in-game (it also wouldn't turn all the "investment" into pure waste).

    On the other hand, the new Crystal 4 equipment and the way to achieve it, in fact it seems very good, only it would be ideal if at least when looting a fully maxed Crystal 3, at least it would return the materials invested in it or at least a goos part of it, taking it to the max does not only require a large amount of materials, but also effort and hours.

    Finally, in relation to the other changes announced in the notes, I have no problems and they even seem very good to me. I appreciate how you guys have listened to the community so far and provide us with the opportunity to communicate our feedback!

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    Devs, do you think making 85% of your game irrelevant is a good idea? 200 mastery takes like 2 or 3 months and is super easy to do. The highest levels of mastery take hundreds and hundreds of hours. Also selling 2 new mastery packs in the month before you declare mastery will be irrelevant. Smooth. But really bad business long term. You need to respect your customers.

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