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Thread: Class I would love to see. Immortal Swordsman.

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    Class I would love to see. Immortal Swordsman.

    I have been reading alot of Chinese manga about cultivation immortals and thought I'd play that class on trove. So I thought why not make the Immortal Swordsman.

    The Immortal Swordsman's attacks come from his floating sword that follows just over his shoulder like the dracolyte little dragon.

    His basic attacks will just swing his arm and the sword will attack. Later on with his class gem he will have 2 swords thus allowing him to basically do double dps. He should come with the flying sword wings where his flying animation should be him standing straight up hands behind his ba k like a boss. Not sure on how the skills should play out as I'm not too sure what direction I should go with this.

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    What you describe does sound more like a costume or cosmetic mod for a Dracolyte or Knight than an actual new class.

    Appearance aside, the main difference between classes in Trove comes with their diversity in skills and ability - preferably in a way that is completelly unique compared to every other class in the game so far.

    As more though you put into your class, as better and more interesting it will become: Think about pros, think about cons, and exspecially think about the way how your requested class should be played and what makes playing it different to other already existing classes.

    You may use my Kitty Class suggestion as referance:

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    Love the creativity! Thank you for sharing with us
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    It sounds like Forbidden Spire themed Knight. I would rather see them rework on current Knight instead of just another melee based class that would be ended up underused.

    Instead of sending out dashing spirit that completely nullify Knight's ability to farm, I would rather see him summon sword at the targeted location, which spins around just like what World Boss' skill do. This replaces his slow M2 skill. But it sounds like Chloromancer M2 as well. So just make Knight M2 faster or replace with a click-to-instantly dmg ability like what Dracolyte do.

    Flying Sword is already in the game. Check out Blade of the Celestial Empress and Soarwind Sword.
    The said flying animation is called Windthunnel.

    The theme "Immortal" has been used on Revenant, go try him out.

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