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    Can we get a topic about the current event please?

    Last Dev post has been 4 days ago, but there is an event going on, starting today.

    My main concern is:
    -Will any previously existing items disappear in thin air agin after this event is over?
    -Are there new items/mounts/allies/etc coming with this event?

    I'm looking forward to hear from you soon

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    Hello HolyAlexanderNULL

    So for the first question, yes the items like Lucky Dust, Clever Seed and Lucky Star will vanish at the end of the event.

    For the second question, yes there are some new items you can get, you have 1 Allie from the event quest and Store Pack for 3k credits that have some new stuff.
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    Yes ^

    And also details are found on our blog post here: https://www.trionworlds.com/trove/en...ick-this-year/

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    Thank you for your reply. It is a relief that Lucky Clovers will remain after the event, which is very important.

    I will also have a look at that pack.

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