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Thread: Club PresidentialCandidate not working as designed

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    Club PresidentialCandidate not working as designed

    I had already written a ticket about this but i was told to come here and make a post.

    REQUEST #1425963

    I built a club and then i was inactive for a large amount of time and had lost presidency to a random member in my club. I kicked everyone else once i had realized and now i am trying to get presidency back but it has already been 174 days since the current president has been online and it doesn't look like the game is going to give me it back.

    Originally when i had taken the break from trove i had set the permission PresidentialCandidate to president only but it still gave it to a random member even though i had other officers at the time. Please fix this for me because i had been trying to level it up and i spent clubits upgrading my rally so i'd really like to not have to start over.
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    Hello waffle66,
    The current president may have taken away the presidential candidate role for every rank other than president and so the game will not auto promote you.
    Another possibility is that the current president is playing in "/hide" mode and so it shows him that he was 179 days offline when he is actually active.
    Anyhow there isn't much help we can provide you here on the forums, so good luck with the ticket

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