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Thread: Lost connection to game server

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    Lost connection to game server

    Im having this issue for a long time.Every minute on my screen appears a window "Lost connection to game server" and two buttons below "Retry" and "Cancel".I dont know what to do,because i dont see any logic in that issue.In any other game i have stable ping,and i dont have any problems with internet.I changed my pc not long time ago,and that issue is dont solved!I think its because of my router,or ports.If someone know how to solve that problem,pls help.I dont want to break my nervous system.

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    Hiya, some things that might help you with this issue are to turn off and turn back on your internet router. You may also want to look into getting a wired connection to your internet router instead of a wireless connection if you have one. Usually a wired connection shows better results in internet speed and connectivity. Hope this helps!
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