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Thread: Please fix u9 Leviathan.

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    Please fix u9 Leviathan.

    I can't do u9 leviathans because they cause trove to crash.
    4 times last week and already once this week I missed out on loot because trove crashed just before the leviathan died.
    This boss literally has an attack that crashes your game and that's just stupid. Please fix it.

    Just fix it already. Take the freeze attack away it doesn't add any sort of challenge to the encounter.
    Just fix it already.

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    The issue may be on your own end, I myself haven't experienced this problem specifically with u9 levis nor have I heard this to be a consistent problem with the whole player base.
    I did however have this issue occur to me with hydra, whenever the boss died i would crash every time and so i was unable to get the loot.
    A reinstall of the game did fix my issue though, so you might want to try doing that as well.

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    The issue may be on my end but there's a lot more gamigo can do about it than me. If I contributed to the fight I should get the loot regardless of when or how many times I crashed.

    I use OSX which means my graphics card sucks and i can't get more than 20fps.
    However I can do everything else in the game just fine. I can't afford the bandwidth to reinstall the game again this month.
    I am getting this crash 100% of the time without fail.

    I don't really mind crashing it's the waste of time that bothers me.
    It bothers me a lot how little attention these issues get and how long it takes gamigo to roll out their half assed "solution"s. It feels oppressive and leaves me with absolutely no hope.

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    Not sure if this will help or not, try reducing your video settings mush as possible and use the commands "/fxenable 0" and "/retromode". It may help solve your issue, nonetheless ill let the Trove team know about the issue.
    If I get any further news ill try and keep you updated.

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