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Thread: Club respawn is messed up.

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    Club respawn is messed up.

    Just entered my club, NightFallAssassins, through the hub, as I were happy yet curious to see my club in the hub portals, unfortunately, it has now set my spawn to the fixture, and using Aligning Astrolabe doesn't reset it back. Please help.

    3147158173484062429 is the world ID.

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    Once you go through the hub, you'll always spawn by your rally, nothing you can do to change that.

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    Hello NitroSnow

    Thanks for the report. Yes this is a bug, when you enter to your club from the hub, the spawn point set up to Rally of Heroes (or other fuxture, im not sure how this work) forever and you can't fix that with Aligning Astrolabe. Dev team already knows about this because i got the same problem so i told them about that.
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