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Thread: [Suggestion] Adding a cool down on flasks? Let's talk!

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    [Suggestion] Adding a cool down on flasks? Let's talk!

    Current state

    The current meta in Trove is all about 'glass cannon DPS' by prioritizing damage over having any health - which makes classes unfavored that shine through other means aside DPS. Things like healing or 'just tanking' do not really matter, if you can nuke everything before it has a chance to answer.

    Usually, a glass cannon means, that you are fragile - like glass. But in Trove there is a certain something that nullifies this fragility almost completelly: the Death-Defying Vial (DDV).

    With that thing, each and every class has no fear of death as long as they just have enough flasks left. And each time an attack would have killed you, the flask triggers on its own and you survive. There are only 3 specific attacks in all of Trove that are bypassing DDV.

    With such a strong Vial, there is incredibly low need in having an actual health pool or any need for healing up your health from another class like chloromancer. And if a tank does not deal damage, then any DPS can 'tank' with their DDV charges, but also kill the foe in front; so why even going for a tank?

    Additionally, the sheer amount of damage with a glass cannon build is far over the amount that monsters can handle: A monster should not just die after reciving 1 or 2 attacks or abilities that can be spammed. But since Trove allows this, it encourages even moreso to go just for damage before anything else.


    1. Cool down on flasks
    Giving the option for everyone to tank does nullify the need of tanking. And something that prevents you from dying nullifies the need of outter healing aswell. Changing the tanking ability would be the first lever that can be pulled: Add a cool down after a flask is used. No flask can be used again until this cool down has finished; neither manually nor automatically in cases of flasks that get triggered like DDV or VoUP.

    This will rise a need of somehow managing the time while a flask is on cool down. This can be bridged with a tank, a healer, player skill, different allies, more health or something else that players may come up with. With more roles aside DPS needed inside the game, there will be a new world of varity opened. And having varity makes things more interesting.

    2. Damage Caps
    Having nice damage is all good and fine, but if that damage is too high, then eventually it will not make sense to really go for something aside pure DPS; exspecially if you no longer need a damage buff from flasks in order to kill a monster with 1 attack. The second lever that can be pulled here is adding a cap at how much damage a player is able to dish out to a monster. But this needs to still respect players who invest into damage stats.

    So it should be related to the max health a monster has: Swarmlings can recive 100% of their max health as damage. This means they can die in 1 hit. Normal monsters running around the world could cap at 40% of their max health. So if a normal monster has 1000 health and a player could technically deal 342342342 damage, then this monster will recive not more than 400 damage from this player - with one single attack. Dungeon bosses could have a cap of 20% of their max health.

    All numbers are exemplary in order to show the concept. None of these are nailed in stone.

    Certain attacks and abilities of players need an increased or decreased cap compared to the norm in order to keep things on par with eachother. But finally, a fight that does not end after 1 hit does inevitably need more thinking in how to beat it. And this will lead to a more interesting gaming experience.

    3. Turn all classes into DPS classes
    All above suggestions aside: the easiest way to 'balance' would be to straight out buff all classes that are not in top in terms of damage. This will drop the whole idea of having different roles in a fight since everyone can just straight out deal damage and players can pick their favorite class to do so. From one view, it will make the issue worse.

    Doing only buffing will dull down the system even more since little to no tactic will be required anymore. But it seems to be a good solution in eyes of many people. But with all beeing top DPS, none is top DPS, which is the unavoidable shadow side of all classes beeing 'strong'. And without other necessary roles aside DPS, 'damage' will be the only one value left to meassure...

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    I am all for Death Defy vial to have an internal cooldown, at least 30 seconds. Ever since the valorous vial era, this DDV is one of if not the main factor for the dps race. It devalues of other roles (tank/support), and dumbs the game play down to the point everyone can just ignore combat mechanics.

    With that said, devs also need to tone down some mechanics of bosses/elites. Currently, they spam their mechanics way too frequently that pretty much gives players no room to breathe and needs to depend on Death Defy vial mechanic to cope with such craziness. For example, Dreadnaught can spam rockets that cover almost the whole boss room and those AoE fire pits, not mention the invisible bugged one, last for ages, this gives dps classes in melee range next to no chance to do their jobs. A newer example is U8 Leviathan, this guy basically pulls everyone and spawn spinning blades right on top of pulled players which kill them in matter of seconds. The issue is again, it spams mechanic like every 5-10 seconds. This kind of spammy mechanics is just ridiculous and not fun, it is just cheap.

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