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Thread: [Suggestion] Change Fast Invasions event

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    [Suggestion] Change Fast Invasions event

    Fast Invasions event is by far the worst weekly event on Trove. Honestly, no one needs more Invaders, because they are just useless, that's why I have this suggestion. What about if you changed the Fast Invaders to a new event?: The Fast Karma event.

    It consists on making everyone able to reach Karma faster, just like the feature patron has (instead of having to open 70 boxes to reach Karma, open just 35). That would be bad for people who use patron, because they lose one feature. Because of that, users with patron would be able to reach Karma at four times the normal rate (70 without patron neither Fast Karma), so they will only need 17.5 boxes.
    The problem with 17.5 boxes is that the Karma Bar would need to use decimals, so an endless cycle would be created in which you would need to first open 18 boxes and then 17 [If you have 0 Karma points, which is "how far" you are on the Karma bar and how many you need to reach Karma (Initial Karma points+Required Karma points=70 ---> It's always 70, but users with patron get 2 per box, while non-patron users get 1 per box without the new weekly event I'm talking about), you would need to open 18 boxes to pass Karma, and the next Karma bar would start at 2 Karma points, so you would need 68 Karma points, which is translated into 17 boxes]. I really hope that makes sense, I'm horrible at explaining myself lol, and I'm not native language is not English, so there will most likely be lots of mistakes.

    I think that could be really useful for everyone, I think more to new and rising players, mainly in Chaos Chest, because they get more items that grant Mastery, which will make them progress faster. I also think that there is a really big problem with new players not liking the game, because they think it's lame and they can't progress well, so this event will also make them "stick" more to Trove, and wanting to get better and better.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you take this into consideration.

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    Hello Marki27

    Thanks for the suggestion about fast invasion, we already suggested that to the dev team to change that and add other weekly bonuses. Of course if you have any other suggestion about weekly bonuses feel free to post it here.
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    Double egg week was actually a really good event that helped alot of people,

    Double flux artifact (like sunday) week

    More adventurine/club xp week for those who need. Also a good way to pull the community today. With a side bonus of ganda staying twice or triple the time.

    Rampage madness: killing a rampage now grants double the kills for an hourly (so only having to kill 3 an not 6) bonus making ramps cost less to make for that week or any ramps spawned in club will spawn 2 beside the normal 1

    Levi week: levi have an increased crystal 2 an 3 drop chance, (maybe also torches dropchance increased for the week?) with also time being increased to 15 mins from 10 mins.

    Geode week: even though geode is very hated but
    Helping critters have a better chance of getting their type of egg also getting double loot for helping them,
    All mods will be twice as good(maybe to op lol) silver an gold eggs chances have been increased x10, double Crystal's received. All Reliquary reduce costed or dont take as long to charge. Could be an big boost for this week but there is a big hate for geode which people would actually grind this week.

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    I agree that Fast Invasion is a useless weekly event and that it should be replaced with another one.

    However I don't like the idea of Fast Karma, it would push people to not open any box until that week and it would be way too big of a buff.

    I like the idea of replacing Fast Invasion with the Double Geode Eggs event we had a while ago, these last rare companions can be very frustrating to get.

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    Do a bonus Gardening Ally month! Bonus chances at allies!

    Or for a long term fix, make it so the habitats have a rolling attraction rate (with seasons that have higher attraction rates, that we have to work out, but can be profitable)

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