Hey Trovians,

Hope you had a hecking good time with the last Heckbugs in Love event. We're excited to bring some new changes in, here's the patch notes for the PC, Xbox One, PS4 update releasing on February 27, 2020.

Patch Notes:
  • (PS4/Xbox One console only) Fixed a crash that could occur with the screenshot command.
  • Skitterlings that dropped when heckbugs fell in love can now be traded and can no longer be loot collected.
  • Weekly Bonuses are once again active during events. They now additionally change on Mondays.
  • St. Qubeslick Clover Seeds and Lucky Stars have had 2019 appended to their names and will vanish shortly after St. Qubeslick 2020. Use ‘em or lose ‘em!
  • The Radiant Dayspring is now the place to craft items during events that do not have their own unique bench.
  • The recipes that were previously on the radiant dayspring are no longer craftable, as the materials required to craft them are no longer in game.
- Confetti Balls can now be crafted at the Radiant Dayspring.
- The Wheel of Seasons is now the place to craft seasonal collections.
  • The Eternal section of the Wheel of Seasons has been removed since the items found in it can no longer be crafted.
  • New limited time packs available during events have an updated display on the welcome screen.
  • The Missing Shadow Poster is no longer craftable; Diggsly’s Shadow has been found!