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Thread: After the last update. My cornerstone had disappeared.

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    After the last update. My cornerstone had disappeared.

    Along with everything I had worked so hard for. Everything. An really everything was lost. I had reported this an got no compensation. Witch I'm not one to ask for anything. But I feel it's only right that I should get alot for my huge loss. Plz help me an do something to show that I'm not nothing to you ppl.

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    Hi mikevita80

    I'm sorry for your lose but If you already send a support ticket, and they said that they can't help, probably because of that they will need to rollback account or something i don't think that people on the forum can do much more.

    Of course you can always send another support ticket here - http://bit.ly/TroveSupport maybe this time will be different.
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