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    ice sage and rev needs a bit of a nerf, rn they both destroy as a dps and as a dungeon farming class they need to be tuned down they shouldnt excel at everything, ice sage shouldnt be a higher dps than gunslinger at all time like thats a no, rev steals too much hp to a point that you can just afk kill ultramode DOTM and he has the best ability for the upcoming delves being his ultimate meanwhile having a very strong burst like give these classes some downsides such as gunslinger only being a dps during his ult or NN being a fast dungeon type character or either buff the following classes

    candy barbarian--horrible dps
    tomb raiser (with rework)--horrible dps/horrible burst
    fae trickster--needs more aoe as shadow towers are being replaced with delves and his passive will have 0 uses after it
    knight-- move his class gem to m2 , change his roll and he has horrible dps
    pirate captain-- good dps, horrible requirements, bad aoe
    lunar lancer-- horrible dps , horrible burst, slow attack animation
    shadow hunter-- the absolute WORST dps
    boomeranger-- horrible dps, horrible burst (unless the rng ult)
    dino tamer-- fine could use more aoe damage from his basics
    chloromancer-- the worst class imo bad everything
    vanguardian-- fine , ranged mode needs dps buff and better projectiles

    ways to fix them
    CANDY BARB--remake his class gem since i beleive hes the only one left whos better off without a class gem, his 1 skill is good for mobility, class gem his m2 to make it an infinite spin draining energy during the spin and also it gives movement speed so his dps will be better (maybe increase the spinning speed as his attack speed increases?)

    TOMB RAISER--the golem never dies nor despawns and instaspawns at its biggest form, minions do not take damage from anyone, theyre on a timer, none of the minions no more agro (he has banshees boon anyways)

    FAE TRICKSTER-- change the passive from double damage only on basics to double damage on all attacks, its hard to maintain his passive and single target damage is going to be obsolete

    KNIGHT-- give him his old passive back except 100% of the time with no requirements, move his class gem to m2, reduce the wait time on his dodge, make his ult an attack speed and damage increase as its imo the weakest ult in the entire game or just make it so it recharges 5 flasks or something , atm its a flask without being able to use any emblems

    PIRATE CAPTAIN-- turrets spawn at level 3 instantly, each turret hit reduces the ultimate cooldown, regular turrets should do a bit of an aoe

    LUNAR LANCER--make it so his class gem is he can stay in his passive form during his ultimate, faster 1 animations, his m2 should spawn a minion (current class gem)
    that should help his dps a little bit but not too much since hes still a dungeon farm character also buff his 1 damage, despite being a burst it does no damage

    SHADOW HUNTER-- increase the basic attack damage thats all

    BOOMERANGER--increase the bow dps, 1 bomb aka class gem bomb explodes way WAAAY faster, the initial explosion should do a actual damage, you shouldnt have to catch the boomerang for the cooldown decrease since the boomerang despawns in the mist of lag anyways, boomerang should do some proper damage,remove the chickens or healing from he bomb a little too much rng in it

    DINO TAMER-- increase the damage on his basics, both aoe and single target could use a bit of a buff but nothing out of this world,hes alright as is but ice sage already exists so nothing harmful buffin his dps a bit

    CHLOROMANCER-- his abilities should work faster,his m2 should stack (atm you can throw 4 but only one does damage),make the ult his class gem if youre feeling lazy about it (increase its size since its an ult now) but the ult is bottom tier aswell , actually worse than knights ult its the absolute worst ulti in the entire game

    VANGUARDIAN-- ranged basics barely hit anything and does bad damage his ult is completely useless unless hydra which wil be useless aswell, make it so his ranged form is a dps for bosses and his melee form is a farm type character, right now you use melee for both

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    hello all.
    i play Pirate and Candy Barbarian mostly and will only give suggestion on those 2 classes.

    Candy barb. What this class needs are two things for his main gameplay , remove the knockback from his spin and make him immune to knockbacks during his jump . this will fix allot of issues with the class. getting launched 50meters into the air when doing the jump from getting hit is not fun XD
    Extra. giving him more flavour seems to be needed aswell,. i suggest adding a dmg% bonus for a few seconds for him and allies when he uses his ultimate.
    allso, making him build up rage from attacking, sending him into a sugar Rush frenzy that increases his size and dmg!

    Pirate captain. the main gameplay is great and no major issues, there could be some adjustment to his basic attack dmg and range.
    extra. i like suggestions posted before in the thread about giving him 3x turrets. allso i would like to see a Cooldown Reduced every time his decoy explodes, something like this for him to pop his ultimate more often.

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    The Tomb Raiser out of all the classes needs the biggest improvement, the low DPS is quite grueling to play through, the basic is much too weak. It's probably the most entertaining class to play, until you get to late game. I had so much fun leveling and getting the TR leveled up, up to the point of when i was fighting other enemies it was just unbearable to play.

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    Mind jumping into his traits and deleting all knock back at a min please.
    Dps needing a improved aside. Getting ride of knock back, us boomer lovers can at least use it for fun.
    Double his base damage by error on the way out?

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    It would also be nice for the shadow hunter’s shots to phase through enemies and for the shadow hunter’s ult to either actually have aoe or have less cooldown. These changes would actually make the SH viable for delves; otherwise he is just useless in delves.

    Also as far as the tomb raiser goes I am happy with the damage buff but there are four changes I would still like to see:

    -the skellitles should not have a time limit and should serve till they die
    -the skellitles should have more base health
    -the skellitles should not take extra damage when their eyes are purple - this is a hinderance and causes them to be much like the lunar lancer’s class gem, I mean, why should they die in one second just because you had extra souls?
    -the banshee should last longer and the energy cost should be lower

    Finally, the lunar lancer’s shadow lancer ability should have more damage, much more health, and much more defense otherwise the LL is just as useless in delves as he was in shadow towers. Also, it would be cool if the lunar lancer’s grappling hook used less energy, had more range, and did much more damage. Lastly, the lunar lancer’s ult should have less cooldown and do way more damage, similar to the amount of damage caused by the candy barbarian’s ice cream cone.

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    Boomers need a flat damage increase, playability is fine. Bomb chickens should not be allowed to run down a hallway away from the Boomer, they should remain in a specific radius, maybe along the lines of Pyrodisc range.

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    Post Classes and balancing

    I would like to share an opinion about something that needs fixing in trove and it's classes the main issue that i see is classes are more op than other classes ( draco , rev ) , classes are just unplayable or boring like ( Chloromancer and fae ) , in other words there is no balance between classes and request from devs to look into it and try their best to balance it .

    some EX ( based on community ) :
    shadow hunter : his abilities are great but needs more dmg since he's single target only
    Chloromancer , fae , and pirate captain: they do great dmg but their abilities are boring and needs to change and similar too ( just throwing things )
    Lunar lancer : He's one the fast farmers and can end up strong but at end game you only use your #1 and that's it

    Feel free to correct me if you find a mistake

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    Since I've played Trove for a very long while, and far more than I'd like to admit, I've had plenty of years to experience each and every single class. With exception to Gunslinger, Ice Sage, Revenant, and Dracolyte, most of the classes just need a decent damage boost, with exception to the following:

    This is a fix that I would love to see within the next update. The Knight's class gem ability, Spirit Squire, should replace his Smash (M2) instead of his Charge (1). Since the Knight doesn't have access to his own subclass while farming, he is the slowest class in the game by a massive margin when using the class gem, making him useless in farming if he equips the class gem and loses his only mobility option. With his Smash being down right useless, having Spirit Squire replace it instead of Charge is a massive boon to the Knight's farming capabilities, granting him a small niche and an actual use in the game. Past this, Knight just needs a large damage boost to his M1, because I feel spamming Spirit Squire shouldn't do more damage than his M1, it should instead be a sort of situational utility ability like CB's class gem.

    This class actually works better than I'd expect, but it feels like playing a lottery. The Chloromancer either needs a substantial boost to the class gem activation chance, or a rework all together. The class gem plant is where a large portion of Chloromancer's damage comes from, but with only an 8% chance to spawn, the dps is based on sheer luck. Otherwise, the simplest solution I can think of is to have the ultimate spawn guaranteed class gem cactus plants, and preferably multiple of them for a longer duration.

    Shadow Hunter
    Although this is by far the most popular class in the game, especially with newer players, it is also by far one of the weakest in the endgame. The Shadow Hunter needs a substantial boost to the damage dealt by M1. Simply speaking, it is just too weak compared to other ranged classes by the endgame, because it doesn't stack with attack speed. I would also like to see a use for the M2, perhaps letting it Shadowmark enemies it passes through when fully charged?

    Lunar Lancer
    I'm not much of a fan of this class since spamming 1 is the only viable tactic, making it very boring. The Lunar Lancer's Crescent Combo (1) should complete its animation much faster, or even scale with attack speed. The wind-up time on the attack takes too long, making Lunar Lancer only average for farming despite his high movement speed, and awful in everything else. Considering that the class gem is fairly worthless, I would not mind seeing it instead cause Crescent Combo to speed up or scale with attack speed, though I can imagine some Lunar Lancer mains may not be the most happy having to put attack speed on their gear.

    Since I trust Tomb Raiser's direction, it is no longer on my worries list. Some honorable mentions are the Tomb Raiser's and Pirate Captain's awfully long setup time, the Fae Trickster's obsolete class gem, and the knockback effect Boomeranger's ultimate suffers from. Let Tomb Raiser gain souls faster, and remove knockback from every single class and enemy.

    I would love to see the Knight and Shadow Hunter changes fairly quickly since I imagine they're the easiest to implement. I would especially love to see those changes by the delves release!

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    Whoops there, didn't mean to reply twice.

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    many player are concern about some class in lack DPs, seems i saw we have ready a simple solution copy/paste vanguardian still attack @ every 3rd attack boost base attack x3
    seems simple to me , idk for devs
    also idk how apply on non shot class (like dracolyte)
    koka kola had koka inside?
    Best message in game:


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