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    Thanks everyone again for taking time to share your thoughts and class input as I share with the Trove team!

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    So I've done a 1 hour long video giving my own personal suggestion which can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPSzwMM6TnI&t=1705s

    There's time stamps for every class in the comments of this video. #LetsMakeThisHappen

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    I want to add my post of another topic here aswell since it catches multiple balancing issues in Trove. Though I did not specifically talk about changes in individual classes, I stated there how current meta automatically causes certain classes to be seen as 'bad'.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyAlexanderNULL View Post
    Current state

    The current meta in Trove is all about 'glass cannon DPS' by prioritizing damage over having any health - which makes classes unfavored that shine through other means aside DPS. Things like healing or 'just tanking' do not really matter, if you can nuke everything before it has a chance to answer.

    Usually, a glass cannon means, that you are fragile - like glass. But in Trove there is a certain something that nullifies this fragility almost completelly: the Death-Defying Vial (DDV).

    With that thing, each and every class has no fear of death as long as they just have enough flasks left. And each time an attack would have killed you, the flask triggers on its own and you survive. There are only 3 specific attacks in all of Trove that are bypassing DDV.

    With such a strong Vial, there is incredibly low need in having an actual health pool or any need for healing up your health from another class like chloromancer. And if a tank does not deal damage, then any DPS can 'tank' with their DDV charges, but also kill the foe in front; so why even going for a tank?

    Additionally, the sheer amount of damage with a glass cannon build is far over the amount that monsters can handle: A monster should not just die after reciving 1 or 2 attacks or abilities that can be spammed. But since Trove allows this, it encourages even moreso to go just for damage before anything else.


    1. Cool down on flasks
    Giving the option for everyone to tank does nullify the need of tanking. And something that prevents you from dying nullifies the need of outter healing aswell. Changing the tanking ability would be the first lever that can be pulled: Add a cool down after a flask is used. No flask can be used again until this cool down has finished; neither manually nor automatically in cases of flasks that get triggered like DDV or VoUP.

    This will rise a need of somehow managing the time while a flask is on cool down. This can be bridged with a tank, a healer, player skill, different allies, more health or something else that players may come up with. With more roles aside DPS needed inside the game, there will be a new world of varity opened. And having varity makes things more interesting.

    2. Damage Caps
    Having nice damage is all good and fine, but if that damage is too high, then eventually it will not make sense to really go for something aside pure DPS; exspecially if you no longer need a damage buff from flasks in order to kill a monster with 1 attack. The second lever that can be pulled here is adding a cap at how much damage a player is able to dish out to a monster. But this needs to still respect players who invest into damage stats.

    So it should be related to the max health a monster has: Swarmlings can recive 100% of their max health as damage. This means they can die in 1 hit. Normal monsters running around the world could cap at 40% of their max health. So if a normal monster has 1000 health and a player could technically deal 342342342 damage, then this monster will recive not more than 400 damage from this player - with one single attack. Dungeon bosses could have a cap of 20% of their max health.

    All numbers are exemplary in order to show the concept. None of these are nailed in stone.

    Certain attacks and abilities of players need an increased or decreased cap compared to the norm in order to keep things on par with eachother. But finally, a fight that does not end after 1 hit does inevitably need more thinking in how to beat it. And this will lead to a more interesting gaming experience.

    3. Turn all classes into DPS classes
    All above suggestions aside: the easiest way to 'balance' would be to straight out buff all classes that are not in top in terms of damage. This will drop the whole idea of having different roles in a fight since everyone can just straight out deal damage and players can pick their favorite class to do so. From one view, it will make the issue worse.

    Doing only buffing will dull down the system even more since little to no tactic will be required anymore. But it seems to be a good solution in eyes of many people. But with all beeing top DPS, none is top DPS, which is the unavoidable shadow side of all classes beeing 'strong'. And without other necessary roles aside DPS, 'damage' will be the only one value left to meassure...

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    I still like the battle royale game mode the most

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    Post Class rework

    Ok I’m gonna name the classes that I think should be reworked or changed from top to bottom.

    CM (chloromancer): This class is very inconsistent the cg never works half of the time i would highly suggest making it 100% ik ik that is crazy right? Well not really it won’t beat the burst ice sage has nor the power of a gs or rev I’m not gonna know exactly the dmg number and exactly if it will be balanced or not but they disappear quite fast. Also the plants should all be able to attack individual targets it is very misleading having 4 of those down and it can only 1 does damage.

    TR (Tomb raiser): To be honest I hav no idea what u can do with this class the Draco destroys this classes dreams the class is very bad at everything and will be even if u buff it’s dmg which tbh is the only thing you can do but it will always be a fight between Draco and tr which minions are better the rework if they choose to is up to the devs I hav no idea what you guys can do.

    Sh (shadow hunter): This one is a very interesting topic it’s a very overused overhyped class it’s has the dps of a pillow and the ms of we’ll ever other slow class I would love to see this class actually become a good farming class. It is kinda sad when newer players ask wt the best class is and everyone says shadow hunter the only thing he’s good at is looking cool but other classes can do that too and having a good dodge other than that useless. I can’t stand seeing sh in Levi’s and saying they do damage they do about 1/10th of a gs dmg this has been estimated from Levi u10 runs by max mastery players. In my opinion this class highly needs a MS buff I recommend taking out the ult or changing one of the useless abilities and replace it with a dmg buff and a movement speed buff to keep it up to speed with other farming characters. I honestly this this would only be balanced with the ult gone it never worked properly anyways and the vfx around the bow can stay to indicate the dmg buff.

    BR (bommeranger): haven’t played much of the class I find it very boring I think it’s because it’s just not that great I think the past nerfs should be reverted possibly even buffed cause the way he was back then doesn’t compare to now that’s all I really hav to say about this one.

    LL (lunar lancer): ok this need complete rework beside the rb (xbox) ability the class gem is sooooooooooo bad easily worst one completely useless I don’t even use it... plz fix

    CB (candy barbarian): Oh boi this class I really enjoy but is just hot garbage compared to rev we need a complete rework the ult can stay thou but the attack speed buff has to go and the cg can stay rest has to be changed also can cb not have a weird passive like Draco with this ms increase? Idk I just feel like he should be buffed in chocolate just makes sense to me. I say he needs a rework cause he’s too similar to the rev if he every wants to be good he would hav to surpass the rev which would probably be very overpowered if he was.

    PC (pirate captain): Ok tbh I love this class it is very powerful but I would really like to see some changes with the ult I think it should be effected by volatile and make the shots travel faster ive tested it and noticed no difference other than that great class one shots just about anything I wish the decoy wasn’t useless thou they look soooo cool.

    Past this they are just about all great classes

    Knight: he’s ok needs me on his ult as a buff imo the ult is just a free flask does nothing otherwise and he’s a good farming character so I would like to see that be better

    Ft (fae trickster):wish had slightly more dmg to make it more usable in sr other than that fine.

    Vg (vanguard): he’s fine where is is at no changes needed maybe slightly more range on basic attacks very slightly.

    Nn (neon ninja): perfect does what he is meant to very fast enough dmg to one shot u10 bosses

    Dt (Dino tamer) Also perfect very high ms almost as fast as nn without having to play game backwards high dmg good at soloing st (shadow tower) wish he has slight dmg increase but doesn’t need it at all.

    DL (dracolite): perfect no changes needed.

    Rev (Revenant): perfect no changes needed.

    Gs (gun slinger): no changes needed.

    IS (ice sage): don’t touch him enough said...

    I hav played every class all my classes are perfect stats a lot of these I’ve played at their max power so I do believe I have a general understanding of them there is probably some I have left out or other changes that can happen this is just my opinion I guess you can call it a class tier list if you see anything you don’t like don’t be afraid to comment what you think I got wrong. one thing I ask you not to do is white knight a character if I were to do that too this list would be completely different, thank you.

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    Melee characters need some sort of damage mitigation to compensate for the fact that they have to sacrifice damage for health and still get dumpstered.


    Fun to use. But all of his abilities are projectiles and are sensitive to lag, which means stuff will disappear, not register, or go sideways.

    Tomb Raiser:

    The weakest of the weak classes. Not really used outside of dragon challenges. His minions need to last longer, be stronger, or have other ways of being summoned because the soul resource system is SLOW.

    Lunar Lancer:

    Useless in ST. His clone needs something extra.

    Candy Barbarian

    Whirlwind should be a channel skill and have the effects of the class gem.


    Spinners are like immobile, non-stacking DOT Draco minions. This is a bottom 3 class.

    Shadow Hunter

    Needs piercing. Needs AOE. The third of the bottom 3.

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    This is my overview of all the classes as a maxed mastery endgame player who has done full dps builds on all classes, has played for many years with 20k+ total hours and is a current shadow tower speedrunner with all the meta classes at max possible power rank and dps.

    The Current Highest to Lowest DPS in game: (DPS = Damage Per Second)
    Gunslinger (25m dps), Ice Sage (25m dps), Dracolyte (21m dps), Revenant (17m dps), Pirate Captain (17m dps), Vanguardian (16m dps), Fae Trickster (12m dps), Dino Tamer (11m dps), Knight (11m dps), Chloromancer (8m dps), Shadow Hunter (6m dps), Neon Ninja (5m dps), Boomeranger (4m dps), Candy Barbarian (4m dps), Lunar Lancer (3m dps), Tomb Raiser (2m dps)

    The top 3 dps classes (Gunslinger, Ice Sage, Draco) are around 20% stronger then any other class for dps. (top 3 do over 21m dps in ultra shadow tower)
    (For reference Gunslinger does 25m DPS in Ultra shadow tower and Tomb Raiser does just over 2m DPS in Ultra shadow tower. Thats over 10x the difference in damage output between the highest and lowest dps class)

    9 Classes that need major reworks: (all underplayed cause of large drawbacks)
    Fae Trickster: DPS is low with 12m dps in ultra shadow tower, absolutely Crippling debuff that makes you deal less then half the dps when hit (goes down to 5m dps after you get hit), useless class gem ability (only lets you get hit once without getting the crippling debuff when hit) main attack could have a bit of aoe around the laser for QOL

    Knight: DPS is low with 11m dps in ultra shadow tower, Animations need a complete rework, needs a new CG ability, boring abilities in general with nothing special

    Chloromancer: DPS is low with 8m dps in ultra shadow tower, flowers take too long to start doing damage, all moves require anticipating where the target will be cause attacks are stationary

    Shadow Hunter: DPS is low with 6m dps in ultra shadow tower, mouse 2 ability feels like a waste and seems out of place, mouse 1 attack does too little dps considering its the main source of dps, ultimate does not feel rewarding to use cause its just a single use attack thats over immediately

    Neon Ninja: DPS is low with 5m dps in ultra shadow tower, ultimate ability does very little in terms of dps and feels like a waste (perhaps replace the ultimate with a high dps sword flurry rush or a high dps sword combo attack chain)

    Boomeranger: DPS is low with 4m dps in ultra shadow tower, knock back effect on targets whenever the bombs go off (can send st enemies flying across rooms so in shadow tower it considered a troll class)

    Candy Barbarian: DPS is low with 4m dps in ultra shadow tower, having the class rely on Energy regen for only the spin move feels like a waste of stat allocation, animations for main attack could be redone for nice looking weapon attack combos instead of the same left right sword swipes

    Lunar Lancer: DPS is low with 3m dps in ultra shadow tower, mouse 1 attack is useless (very short range poke), ultimate barely does damage, grapple seems ineffective considering how fast the class moves and how many jumps characters have these days, keyboard 1 attack needs to do more damage considering for a charged attack with a max dps build it still cant one shot a normal u9 elite

    Tomb Raiser: DPS is low with 2m dps in ultra shadow tower, minions are always on cooldown timer when you first get into shadow tower (recommend use energy regen for minion summoning), mouse attack 1 could be changed to be less boring (perhaps a longer ranged beam attack), ultimate could be changed to immediately summon a full size grave Goliath instead of it consuming minions

    Concluding Statement: 9 classes are in need of reworks to make them appeal to players as viable options when compared to other current meta classes for a variety of applications and uses like farming, shadow tower and having unique character move-sets

    Side note: The AI for minions is very poor. they often lose interest in attacking targets right in-front of them. Also they shouldn't be pushed around by enemies (e.g. minions going flying away from dotm with each sword attack resulting in major dps loss for minion classes)

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    My 3 cents on new tomb raiser revamp, havent played on PTS so this is based purely on patch notes, and my understanding of them:

    -If i understand the new mechanick right and what it does is that in addition to souls on 10(?) second tiime intervars/ticks he also spawns skellies. Skellies are still affected by damage but i dont know if they decay with time as they used to, again this is a bad idea as its a time gated damage/defense buildup for tomb where other classes can go all out instantly.

    -m2 now it uses all souls stored to summon entire team of skellies but if understand its still 1 soul 1 skelly, except additional souls buff skellies into berseker mode so they deal more dmg and "take" more dmg. This means that buffed skellies are even more mince meat that they were before, clearly the devs didnt read the forums about elite enemies/bosses possesing the acid pool ability that oblitarates all skellies in seconds, unless skellies HP been multiplied by 5-10 times, but we dont know how much stats changed for tomb, or if they changed at all except for cooldown on banshee boon.

    -Summoning goliath(2) is now based on amount of "buffed" skellies, so now not only we need to keep the skellies alive we also have to keep they buffs up(and we dont know how long buff lasts) to summon the max golliath, as said before some enemy abilities and situations where tomb can lose all of his skelly army withouth the extra damage they take from buff. The only good change here is that summoning goliath dosent sacrifice skellies only they buffs.

    -(1) Banshee Boon now has a 10 second cooldown... really? This was perhaps the only feature tomb had that made you want max energy regen stat to make use of that ability/skill, perhaps the only class that had any real use of energy regen, now this will belong to vanguardians eye laser beam skill.

    Unless skills/basick damage/HP/HP leech numbers are changed by a huge margin this seams like breaking tomb even more....

    Drackolyte thows his babys withouth any restrictions other than energy , again tomb is timed by souls/passive ticks common enemies/minions deaths. For example against U10 levi hes time gated as the boss/leviathan dosent summon minions whos souls tomb could use...

    Also i hope goliath and skelies have they move speed tripled atleast, because levis and shadow tower bosses can run on map quite fast and skellies and goliath move weary slow...

    Unless im wrong in some cases this will not improve tomb raiser in any way... its still be and uber class, uber t level that is, which is uber trash...

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    People say GS too strong but Draco or IS do more Damage in a Short Speedrun :/ and seriously nothing else matters .

    It makes no sense to play SH or Tomb Raiser for example because there are useless for Speedruns

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    Tomb Raiser Is very weak as of now and is very slow to even start to do the small about of damage it has the potential to do. if you could get your minions up faster and perhaps buff their damage and attack

    speed it may help however one of the issues i seen is the fact that keeping them up against mobs that do aoe dots kill them off super fast as their own health is already on a dot timer. I Think they should

    remove the damage over time they already take or give them more health. perhaps banshee skill could giveyour minions a huge attack speed buff with splash damage while your energy is avalible? No idea if

    this would be balanced or not but Tomb Raiser really needs some love :P

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