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    Post Class Rebalance Feedback Thread

    Hi all,

    As we are always looking to improve gameplay and keep things fresh and balanced, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas that you all have as a community towards any potential changes that could be made to our current classes. This could be anything such as a change in how an ability works, its damage, its effect, cooldown or even something completely new.
    Let us know specific things you do or don't like, and want to see changed.

    We invite you to post any constructive feedback and discussions here to keep all the relative information in one easy to reach thread.

    Looking forward to reading your ideas

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    Tomb Raiser, is by far the worst class. Issues are low DPS and the minions taking forever to spawn. Needs way more impact DPS wise and the minions need to come out fast like the Draco.

    Bomber is the class people want to love, but can't. I think play wise there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of the class the abilities just don't do enough damage. Bomber is really fun until you realize how little damage you do. Just needs a damage bump. No re-work.

    Chloro the flowers need to damage stack or a more complete re-work. It is a kind of fun class, but really lacking on the damage class. Kind of like gambling where you put your damage and even if you are right it is kind of underwhelming.

    CB is a class people love, but it is really low on the damage front. Seems the abilities are nice just some more damage.

    Knight is kind of needs a total re-work in my mind. The only reason to play the knight is if you play without a class gem so you can use your attack ability to move you across the map. Kind of says a lot is wrong with the class if the way to go is to not use a class gem.

    Shadow Hunter / Neon Ninja / Luner Lancar could use a bit of a damage boost, but all are decent farming classes so people will keep playing even if the damage is off. Shadow hunter's key ability of max attack speed isn't so amazing with more AS dragons and berserker gem. Still a nice farming class. Neon ninja is just really low in ST. Lunar other than the grapple is pretty poor. People keep playing despite late of DPS, but probably no one would complain about a touch up.

    Dino is really fun. A bit light on damage. Maybe just a bump.

    GS, Rev, IS, Draco all great.

    Fae and PC are good enough that no rework needed. I will say I think the Fae and PC suffer a lot on topside. Still fine in ST, but maybe a bit of a re-work for topside might be nice. PC the turrets makes 5 hard and the turrets seem lost vs Levi. Fae is ult heavy and that means Fae is weak on 5*. If there is a slight re-work to make them more u10 friendly it could be cool.

    VG seems fine.

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    Im Going to be doing every class to make it easier, the class gems an their sub classes.

    Vanguard: to be honest vg feels right, no complaints about overpreforming but maybe a small increase for range mode, glass gem is alright as good for speed farming to get that movement speed buff back up, sub class is horrible an needs to be changed! Maybe have the sub do a pyro disc like the vanguard R1 in melee mode,

    Dino tamer: not many complaint but when using the ultimate an not being able to fly, it would be cool when you do use your ultimate an want to fly, you'll pull out a pterodactyl an glide, REDUCE the cooldown of the R1, it shouldnt share the same cooldown as the ultimate! Make the net(L2) last longer! It's only out for like 2 seconds an its wasted dps to throw another one as it takes about 2 seconds to fully charge another one. Longer duration an shorter cooldown to fully charged. The class it self could use slightly more damage for its autos. Class gem is fine, for sub class the idea of rooting is okay but i do wish you could root levi or shadow tower bosses

    Chloromacer: now I was surprised that I was able to do u10 comfortable with chloro, I really have not played alot of this class an knows the ins an outstanding but making the L2 (ps4) ability stack with one another would make this class dps increase to a more noticable an respected level. (Having 2 of the L2 out, only 1 will damage an enemy) class gem. Needs higher chance of spawning a turret with a small dps increase. Sub seems bad, never used it.

    Lunar lancer: needs a new class gem, it's pointless to have, it takes a long time to build up lunacy for the class, it's hard to keep it near max when trying to do a boss for perfect timing. The claw for the class sucks, it's completely different from the one in geode an bomber so it having that claw would feel better or just remove it as it's never useful to use to be honest. (New ability buffing its attack speed, movespeed or power would do)
    Sub is best in game, maybe to good

    Rev: perfectly done right class. class gem is a nice dps increase at lower levels an the sub lifesteal is great!

    Tomb raisealot to say) everything just needs a dps boost!! Souls take way to long to collect, maybe make it where every auto hit collects a soul then every enemy killed collect. With bad dps it takes to long to kill 6 things then use the ultimate to then wait again to kill 6 things to be at max dps, for shadow tower most bosses like, spike walker or weep, dread, they dont spawn minions so there is near to no way to get your minions off to use your ultimate correctly. Class gem is to be honest the saving grace of this class, good damage and good self life. Sub minions needs faster spawns with a dps increase to those minions that spawn.

    Bomberanger: idk to be honest, I used this class (melee) it just feels nice to play. A fan favorite but alot of people think it needs more damage? I dont like the bomb ability. Very useless imo, should replace it for an attack speed increase, not just for sword but for the bow to be useful aswell. Bow is just slow an low dps, class gem seems okay, sub is useless with death defying vails, even in early game.

    Draco, another class done correctly, class gem perfect, sub maybe more increase damage to fire.

    Gunslinger: maybe to much power? Always loved this class before it was you must have this for shadow tower or you cant join class, class gem seems fine an sub is interesting to use but maybe increase the damage you do while airborne

    Nn: no comment, got it to 30 an never touched it again but fan favorite so prob done correctly, class gem fine, sub class needs an increase the threshold from 20% health to 50%, I have tested this an this ability feels like it NEVER activates an when it does its 1!!!!! Auto attack buff, this needs a huge buff to how often it happens an for how long,

    Candy barb, this class can do u10 way easier then I thought it could, but it's just a weaker rev, this class was great an needed for early game shadow tower. Candy is the peel for the queen class, but for end game, we don't need peel we need dps an in shadow tower it's not needed anymore an the buff it gives is awesome but most classes dont need that attack speed boost anymore. It's no longer a fan favorite an needed I'm shadowed towers. Small dps increase an lower the mana needed for spin. Class gem maybe needs a rethink as its not so needed anymore, idk but the sub seems fine but needs to happen more often. As the buff it gives 50/50 between damage an movement speed.

    Fae trickster: love the class dont enjoy the playstyle. For you to be doing all your dps, you cant get hit an in u10 with EVERYTHING is hitting you. This class didnt last long as it just took to long to kill things. The L2 should pull ALL enemies argo so you dont get hit, or maybe does a small pull in to at least make the enemy stack an fae bomb them down. Ultimate attack speed is increase to shoot same as yours? The ultimate only shooting at one set speed kind of sucks imo, wish it increase if you made your attack speed higher. With the class gem being reworked twice idk, never used this sub, but more damage never hurts anyone with a 30 second cooldown

    Shadow hunter: a boring class to me but unique all it own, the stun (r1) is useless a never used ability, the ultimate is clunky an freezes up your attacks so you'll have to hit L2 again to start shooting. Class gem is what makes this class stand out but could use a change imo,
    Sub is okay

    Ice sage: only problem with this class is if there is more then 1 ice sage, sometimes the class gem ability will mess up (hitting an enemy more then 3 times with a basic attack cause them to take additional damage) this is ignore an you do 1 flat rate of damage. Class gem an sub is okay

    Pirate captain: who doesnt love pirate captain, big dps, looks good in a hat lol but joking aside replace R1 with a targeting system! Like the shadow hunter passive. You'll maker an enemy an your turrets an ultimate will attack it, biggest problem with pirate is those turrets an ultimate will attack what they want an not what you are attacking. Class gem an sub is okay,

    Knight: honestly I wish I could still use the R1 as a charge forward move, the class gem replaces this ability with a spirit that goes forward damage things where you point. It has good damage an everything about the knight it well done but my opinion you should have to charge the R1 for maybe 1 second to use the class gem an throw out the spirit, but you can tap R1 an still charge into enemy an stun them. Sub is perfect!

    Note: I have played nearly all if these classes end game. U10 topside, levi an shadow towers. I have been playing actively for 3 years, also a top mastery player so I have some time on each class.

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    Well to be honest, the only classes I see that need reworks or minor changes are Chloromancer, Shadowhunter, and Tomb Raiser. For Chloromancer I like the idea of having a support in a game like this, I find Chloromancer to be pretty useful at times, but maybe boost the amount it heals a single target, so it’s not too OP, but not terrible or close to useless. For Shadowhunter I don’t feel that it necessarily needs a rework, but just a minor damage buff since half the shots don’t register due to the state of the servers. For Tomb Raider I feel that it also needs a damage buff, it just lacks in pretty much everything involving using it.

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    First of all, it is a great tune to hear from Developers on forums here. Even more so when it sounds like a change is coming soon (TM :P)

    Fae Trickster:
    Generally, I love the way how Fae is played: as a risk-reward class that is supposed to deal a ton of damage while you are not hit, but you lose that damage instantly (for 2 sec) when any enemy or trap damages you.

    The awesome clone ability fits perfectly into that role since it will distract those enemies that previously had agro on you, but using clones also need some practice, if you want to get the full extent out of them (which is also the reason why the first Fae Class gem was a fail, since it messed up clones' core purpose)

    However, 3 things around Fae need to be adressed:

    1. The current (which is the 2nd by the way) Fae Class Gem (CG) 'Faego my Ego' is directly inferior to the common Empowered Gem effect 'Cubic Curtain and therefore makes using it only a real option if you want additional passive-protection after already having Cubic Curtain epquipped. If you need to choose between Cubic Curtain effect and Fae CG effect, then you will NEVER want the Fae CG effect.

    Only 'upside' on current Fae CG: 'At least it is not a downgrade anymore'.

    Instead, it would be nice to have something skill based. Something, that can improve your game if you know how to use it, but needs some skill to pull off. As one example: Killing spree: Attacking one enemy will add a marking on this one enemy. When it dies, you recive a damage buff and you are able to inflict another enemy with this marking. After this enemy dies, too, your damage buff increases more. Does not work with pinatas/other throwables for obvious ST reasons. Or another variant of this skill idea: Each consecutive hit deals more damge than the last hit. If you miss a shot, the buff resets back to 0.

    2. Fae Ultimate is stationary, feels weak, is slow and can be killed quickly.

    3. Despite Fae is a risk-reward class, it feels like a damage luster compared to other top-dps-classes that may deal even more damage just by holding down a button without drawbacks. If Fae loses 90% of his damage when he gets hit then he shall shine brighter when sneaky Fae manages to avoid all attacks.

    Overall, many classes feel far too powerful for too little skill required. For instance, Gunslinger is often considered as the best direct DPS class (both single and area damage) for very little efford. It is okay to have classes that require little skill and deal damage, but if you have to work for a setup or have to fight with drawbacks and have to plan your steps mid-fight, then skill needs to be much more rewarded than holding down a single button.

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    Melee classes in general struggle sometimes with hitting chests that are in a hole 1 block below them. It would be really nice to be able to aim the attacks, or maybe increase the vertical range of the attacks by a bit so this isn't an issue.

    Chloromancer is supposed to be a healing class, but healing from class abilities sucks in general compared to flasks because of how strong flasks are, especially the death defying vial. A buff to Chloromancer’s healing and maybe the addition of a support class that can provide team damage buffs or resurrecting abilities(Tomb Raiser could fill this role) to supplement an overall flask nerf could be cool, but a flask nerf might be unnecessary and would upset a lot of people so who knows. Right now my biggest gripe is that almost every shadow tower run has 8 dps, usually even using the same class, and I just wish teamfights against bosses weren’t so repetitive and were more interesting. Encouraging players to use more class and role variety without hard forcing them to would be really great to see.

    In terms of changing chloro's abilities themselves, the healing from the basic attack is too hard to land, sometimes attacks feel like they just pass through teammates and plants. Increasing the heal hitbox would be great, maybe even make it heal in a small splash, so it can more easily hit plants and players that are clumped together. Also, the basic attack's heal feels too weak, if the heal amount was equal to or just a respectable percentage of player damage that would make it feel much more impactful. If Leafy Lasher's damage stacked with multiple down at once that could be interesting to see, but it could also make the class spammy. Although as it is now it already is spammy, because the class gem's activation is random, and Leafy Lasher is the most efficient ability for spamming to proc the class gem. Making the class gem more consistent would be great. Blooming pollinator takes too long to grow, and most people/enemies aren't going to be standing that still anyways, so by the time it explodes everything has moved away and you need to set up another one. Decrease growth time, or rework the ability entirely to a new, non growing one. Sow Chaos is kind of lazy and boring, but also frustrating to use because it's impossible to grow everything fast enough with the basic attack to make them useful: by the time the boss dies plants can still be growing. Decrease growth time or rework it entirely for a more interesting ability, maybe something that roots enemies down and deals damage and life steals, or makes teammates invulnerable, something crazy and plant based.

    Lunar Lancer’s passive ability is way too inconsistent, and its class gem sucks. Maybe the class gem could instead activate the passive when the Blessing of the Moon skill is active, or charge it up faster or something, that would be great. Right now all Lunar Lancer is good for is farming dungeons, and it’s barely competitive with other options.

    Tomb Raiser sucks, it’s not really a tank class, or a support class, or a dps class, or a dungeon farming class. I don’t play it and unless it’s changed most people won’t want to. As long as it can do something, that would be great.

    Boomeranger damage is lacking, and the chickens that spawn from the class gem feel like they don’t do enough damage. Lag can also make catching the boomerang on return almost impossible sometimes. Increase the hitbox when catching the boomerang or something. Also the range of the bow feels so bad, maybe make it a little longer.

    Dracolyte is good, just wish there was a bigger indicator to show when the fire pup has its attack ready, it can be hard to tell with a lot of vfx flying around in the middle of a fight.

    Gunslinger is probably too strong compared to other classes, but nerfing it would feel really bad for people who already play it, and to be honest it really sucks without its class gem so I don’t think you should touch it. Instead focus on bumping up other classes to match this one.

    Neon ninja’s abilities are completely useless, and it relies entirely on its class gem shuriken ability. Maybe allow vertical movement and aiming its Stasis Blade, that could help it see some use, and rework Final Technique since it does too little damage and is too hard to hit. Also there’s a bug sometimes when using Shadow Flip where you can’t use your melee attack, which is really frustrating. As long as that’s fixed nothing else really matters I guess.

    Candy Barbarian does almost no damage, and its class gem is useful sometimes, but gets outshined by the Revenant in almost every way. There are even people who don’t use the class gem and opt to just farm dungeons with its basic Sugar Crash ability, which goes to show how useless its class gem is. Increase the radius, or make it apply debuffs to enemies within its radius, or something. Other people probably have better ideas for this one.

    Fae Trickster is alright, but sometimes using its Blink ability too fast can make the screen go crazy while the character doesn’t move. That’s probably just lag though. Faerie Dance can feel kind of lackluster in large groups, maybe if it instead spawned 3 clones that mimicked the player’s attacks, so if the player uses Glitterbomb the clones would use glitterbomb as well, that could be really cool.

    Shadow Hunter is very very mediocre, and its abilities are pretty much useless in PvE. And since PvP was replaced with Bomber Royale, it doesn’t really fill a niche anymore that Dino Tamer can’t do way better. Radiant Arrow is completely replaced by the class gem, and the class gem’s damage isn’t even as good compared to other classes against single targets. Sun Snare is useless. Maybe a rework to sun snare to instead apply a buff for a period of time that stuns all targets hit by the Shadow Hunter’s basic attack, and a rework to Arrow of the Goddess to also affect Shadow Hunter’s basic attack so it synergizes with the class gem would be nice.

    Pirate Captain feels like a less mobile Dracolyte, and its First Mate turrets can be annoying because they have trouble targeting some enemies that are just 1 block below them. As long as targeting is improved the class is alright. It could do with a small damage/attack speed buff to Man O’ War though, maybe a good change would be to let all turrets be affected by Candy Barbarian’s Eis-Crom Cone.

    Knight is a terrible dps, mediocre tank, but decent dungeon farmer. The class gem is useless, and most people just use Knight without it, opting to use its Charge! ability to zoom around the map instead. Allowing players to aim Charge! vertically would be amazing. The Smash ability feels too slow to use, and Iron Will is very useless compared to flask healing. If its Smash cone was increased by a decent amount and cast time was reduced, Iron WIll applied some form of damage buff to teammates, and the class gem was improved the knight could become usable.

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    Sh needs overall damage boost,
    neon ninja needs m1 damage boost,
    cloromance is trash needs complete rework,
    knight is kinda trash needs damage boost or new talent rather than m2 skill,
    revenant is ok,
    gs is ok,
    (i'm ok )
    pc kinda ok,
    no idea for others.
    Ty for asking <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibayuki View Post
    Hi all,

    As we are always looking to improve gameplay and keep things fresh and balanced, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas that you all have as a community towards any potential changes that could be made to our current classes. This could be anything such as a change in how an ability works, its damage, its effect, cooldown or even something completely new.
    Let us know specific things you do or don't like, and want to see changed.

    We invite you to post any constructive feedback and discussions here to keep all the relative information in one easy to reach thread.

    Looking forward to reading your ideas
    Thank you for posting and gathering your class thoughts here, it's good to get idea of what player's think of overall balance. I'll be sharing this feedback with our team as we continue to make updates in the future.

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    I'm very excited at this talk of balance changes! I hope you mean in general and not for old PVP because that's a whole different can of worms :P

    To quickly state my sentiments;
    Tomb Raiser needs a rework, Chloromancer needs a buff, Gunslinger's Ult probably should be nerfed, Fae Trickster's ult should be reworked or buffed, Boomeranger should be buffed(especially the bow).
    To a lesser degree I could see reworking shadow hunter's abilities since it never seems worth it to use them vs just holding LMB.

    Some possible changes to -

    Tomb Raiser - I've no idea, I don't think a damage buff would cut it for this class, it's so underwhelming at everything it tries to do, no matter the niche it's not hard to find a better option for tanking, farming or DPS. At least it has a really good /dance emote. Full rework is needed in my opinion.

    Chloromancer - Damage buff, make it faster to use and fully grow a pollinator, rework the ultimate to be targeted(like boomer's ult) and only spawn lashers, the ult would instantly grow all the plants it spawns and any you already had out, maybe add a heal as well like CB's ult? Could rework the CG, as well, perhaps the CG is what buffs the ult so much.

    Gunslinger - I think the main issue here is GS's ultimate providing to much dps for too long, could be that it doesn't need a nerf at all, but if it does then the ult is the #1 suspect. Interestingly Ice Sage is already used instead of GS because it has higher DPS over a short period (IIRC it's 8 seconds) so if you do nerf GS prepare for identical posts asking to nerf Ice Sage in a couple months. Those two classes are well above the next few highest DPS classes. But that's not that big of a deal in my opinion, there will always be a "best" class.

    Fae Trickster - I wish I could ask for a DPS buff but it honestly doesn't need one, I just wish it was the top DPS because it's my main haha, I do think the ultimate needs a buff or a rework though, it's very lackluster. The most common suggestion is to just have it scale with your attack speed.

    Boomeranger - Super fun class, needs a damage buff. Consider buffing the Class Gem so that it makes your ultimate always spawn chickens. Like I said before, Boomer's bow especially needs some love.

    That's all the input I have for now, thanks for reading o/

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