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Thread: Collections - Unlisted/Unobtainable Mastery

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    Collections - Unlisted/Unobtainable Mastery

    In the collections menu some contents (styles, hat, face, etc?) of some store packs are now unlisted from players who don't own it. Maybe Dynomighty, Creepy Crawly, A Snowfest one.. might wanna check them all.

    please hide the style that is unobtainable
    anvil of artifice (under badges)

    and there's two styles that fit the 'Anubian' theme and are listed under costume, but weren't unlocked when crafting the Anubian costume, here's a request to have these included with that costume, or put them under Vault styles.

    [move this to the bugs forum please] Done <3

    [edit] it looks like it's gourdzilla, all-pine, and dynomighty styles that have hidden themselves

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    Hello Lunar,
    Thank you for your report, I have forwarded this info along to the dev team.

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