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    Heckbugs in Love are here! 💕

    What crawls on six legs, has one mouth, and is ready to try and eat you? Why, a heckbug of course!


    These buggy baddies full of Defiance are out in force, and it's up to you to stop them. You can't do it alone, but a little bit of love and a lot of Preserved Pow Meat will keep an adoring heckling of your own at your side.

    Dragonfire Peaks

    The heckbugs have set up camp in Dragonfire Peaks! Take them on and raise some havoc to get yourself some loot. If you're lucky, you'll get a Skittering Heart Box with a Bashful Lovebug or Dormant Block Dragon Egg inside.

    That's not all! There's love in the air, and your hopeful heckling may get a suitor all their own. Heckbugs have a chance to fall in love with your cuddly companion, which will net you a tradable Handsome Heckling ally, a tradable Electric Heckling ally, or rarely even a tradable Heckbug Monarch Mount!

    Event Quest

    Completing Qubesly's quest during Heckbugs in Love will send an Electric Skitterling mount your way. How shocking!

    Event Items

    Three New Allies
    • Electric Heckling
    • Handsome Heckling
    • Golden Heckling

    Three New Mounts
    • Electric Skitterling
    • Heckbug Monarch
    • Golden Skitterling

    Returning Mounts
    • Bashful Lovebug
    • Skulking Skitterling

    Event Pack

    Can't get enough of heckbugs? You're in luck! The Hued Heckbug pack is now available for 3000 Credits.

    • Heckbug Monarch mount
    • Golden Skitterling -- pack only!
    • Electric Skitterling
    • Skulking Skitterling
    • Golden Heckling -- pack only!
    • Electric Heckling
    • Handsome Heckling

    This pack is only available during the event, so don't hesitate to treat yourself before it's too late!

    Clear your schedule of love related affairs, Trovians, because the Heckbugs in Love are here!

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    I am actually having fun with this event. Great new spin on the old classic. BUT the Handsome Heckling and Electric Heckling Allies you get from the 2 falling in love are NOT TRADEABLE on the Xbox version.

    Thank you for this fun event

    One last thing....Will the love affairs and boxes drop more often on the 14th? Hey, it can't hurt to ask...

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