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Thread: Club World partially reset

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    Club World partially reset

    A few large chunks of my club world got reset last year, destroying several structures, terraforms and hundreds of thousands of flux in materials. I was told then that the team was looking into it and to wait, it's been about 3-4 months now, and nothing has been changed, and I am afraid to build over any of the old stuff, or build anything new. Is this being fixed? I am also president of a second club world that belongs to a friend who quit playing for awhile, his club world seems to have been partially reset even further back in time than mine was.

    Help please, what do I do here?

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    Hiya, I dont suppose you put in a ticket back then did you? If so you could respond back to it to put it back into the system.

    If not, I think the best course of action would be to submit one to the team so they can look into it. I couldnt comment whether or not the time may be a factor though in sorting your issue out but I hope it gets sorted for you.

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    I have the same exact issue (since November 2019). I submitted tickets and they said their engineers were looking into it, asked for chunk coordinates, then ghosted. Nothing. Still nothing. They aren't able to fix it.

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