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Thread: PSA for buying items

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    PSA for buying items

    People are still not getting items they bought when bought this week.
    I would have all clubs tell change the MOD to don't buy items till the devs make a statement that this has been fixed.

    People from 2019 still are reporting items they bought are not fixed for them.

    I know people are buying from the psn store not the trove store and seem to have no issues this way but I can not confirm this.
    PC still has no market... I have 0 faith in this title at this point.

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    Bought the "Trove - Creepy Crawly Cranium Pack" from the PS4 store, 2 days ago. Received without issue. Credits obtained were then used to purchase things from the in-game store, again, without issue.

    Though the 4-legged skull mount does seem to use a lot of ram...I don't have the PS4 Pro, more and more, I noticed games that seem like they'd be much better if I had more ram...

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