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    Angry Why i am not the prisdent of my club

    I made a club more then 1 year ago but when i came back i am not the prisdent anymore insted one of the club member became the prisdent and i became a vp why

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isul_187 View Post
    I was friend with someone so i invited him to my club after a while i didnt play for 2 months when i come back he became the prisdent of my club and then he kicked me out of the club. The club name is mslmen please help me and give me my club back and ban him

    Was it a year or 2 months, was it a friend or a member? Are you the VP or kicked?
    You seem to have a issue with facts.
    If your VP vs kicked there are 2 different options you have, if its a member vs a friend you have different option too.

    If your VP and the president is inactive just wait 30 days if the take over option is clicked, if its a friend ask for it back.

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    Trove Auto-Promotion in Clubs

    Starting with the Trove - Adventures update the Leader Rank was retired and replaced with the President and Vice President (VP) Ranks. At the release of the Adventures update the Leader (VP) with the most tenure/activity was promoted to the President rank. Each club has exactly 1 President. If the President of a Club leaves the club or goes inactive for 45 days the next highest active leader is automatically promoted within an hour. The automatic promotion functionality cannot be disabled or bypassed by contacting Customer Support.

    I am against this ancient rule!!! Perhaps it made sence when the game started and only some clubs were available ... NO ONE KNOWS THIS RULE and some people think to set a hook or not to set the hook in the club permissions can change it ... the rule is clear, after 45 days you can forget all your builds, items, permissions, club name, membership ... all you worked hard for.

    When this rule were made, gamers said no one can run the club if the president is not online. Meanwhile a club can run itselfe when you set the right permissions ... my club can. Perhaps it will lose members ... but when i will come back I can change it and I will still have fun with my builds and rare items ... if GAMIGO still has any reason to kill a president or a club (eg resources) , then enlarge the date, 45 days is nothing if you have an accident ... give us 1 YEAR !!!

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    Hey Trovians,

    We'll keep it in mind for more debate. Thank you for the feedback.

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    I remember back in 2017 when the Adventures update was released. A lot of people were complaining about this. THEUGLYONE (now known as Demon of Valhalla on the forums - I think), one of the best players when I played, lost some of his clubs because of the new President rule. A lot of people were also complaining about the rule where if the President is inactive, then a VP becomes President.
    This just shows that Trion Worlds - not just the original Trion Worlds team but now Gamingo - does not take any of our feedback into mind, especially since this has been asked for more than 2 years now.

    http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...y-system/page1 Take this post by me for example. Fasti promised me that it would be submitted to the Dev team. Did it get submitted? NO IT DID NOT
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    I believe the original debate and implementation of this was because there were a lot of inactive club leaders. Many large clubs that many people loved died out just because the leader decided to quit. This mechanic was implemented in an effort to keep clubs alive. At this point in time the ranks were Leader, Officer, Architect, and Member - all with predefined club permissions that the players couldn't control.

    For smaller clubs I can see this as a pain. Nobody wants to lose their 15 member club to some nobody.

    For larger clubs... As the creator and former leader of Ashes to Obelisks (one of the greatest clubs in Trove) I personally do not mind this. Our clubs are greater than us, the individual leader. Club's are comprised of many individuals working together as a team making the club great and people develop real relationships and loyalty to each other and to the clubs. If I decide to quit and not come back then it's not fair to all the other players to see their favorite club die out due to this.

    <insert person who says their club can run without them even playing> .. Good work, I've seen this happen as well, but you're doing a disservice to your members to not have active leadership. If it works out for you then great.

    Either way, you can turn this mechanic off by unchecking the "Presidential Candidate" from all ranks in the club permissions section. This needs to become more widespread knowledge for new and unknowing players.

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    This is honesty the dumbest thing ever. I don’t care how long I’m inactive I should always be the leader of my created club world.

    Like should have made a “support leader” in the case you’re inactive. Not totally boot you from your club ownership.

    I don’t care if my club is active or not I’m on console there’s like 100 people still playing this game lol. Basically if I get it back I should kick everyone from mine in other words.

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