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Thread: I Lost My reliquary token

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    Unhappy I Lost My reliquary token

    Time: tuesday, january, at 3:30 PM
    Context: i lost my reliquary token from geode and cant advance in the misions the geode. I also can't upgrade the gas
    Expected: I would like to know how to recover it

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    Hey there

    I actually dont know how you could loose it. You would have to destroy it to make it vanish.
    Otherwise you may laid it down in your personal chest. Im sure it can not be loot collected.

    As far as i know, it can only be obtained through this geode initial quest, were you originally got it from.

    I hope you will find it.
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    if you realy don't have it in your inventory or personal chest, send a suport ticket maybe they gonna help you with that.

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