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Thread: Everything is stripped from my account

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    Everything is stripped from my account

    This forum acknowledges my ingame name, but in game i have nothing no toons, no gear, no unlocks, no dragons, no flux, can i have it back? Help? i put a ticket in https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/requests/1404145

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    I had the same issue and i also submitted a ticket. The guys working there are gettin overflown by tickets, thats why i had to wait like one month.
    Now i have all my stuff back.
    As stupid as it sounds, just sit back, relax and start an Alt account.

    Hope your account will soon be fixed, friend!
    Have you eva seen such a nasty crok?

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    Hiya, If you have submitted a ticket then all you can do now is wait until the support team reviews your case. Make sure to check your ticket and email regularly for a response from the support team. Hope you can get your account back soon!

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