Hello Trove Team,

Good Day!

I'd like to report a bug after the very recent update for Trove PS4. I'm unable to use the Iron Will Skill (L1) for my Knight Class, like I have enough and sufficient energy however every time I press it. It doesn't work or starts to glow with any yellow box effect on me. Also doesn't do any cool downs hence it doesn't work.

I saw this bug when I was in Geode Uber 9 engaging dungeons with friends then suddenly, I was unable to use my L1 skill for Knight. I tried moving in and out of worlds but it still doesn't work even in Shadow Tower.

The only resolution that I have is I had to switch classes every time I load a world for me to use my L1 skill again with my Knight. Very hassle to switch back and forth as my health needs to regenerate.

I just started playing 03:30 PM UTC and saw this bug at that specific time frame.