Here's the patch notes from the update on PC and PS4 today. Xbox One will receive this update at a future date.

Patch Notes:
  • Leviathans now create openable vaults instead of killable chests when defeated. These vaults require Leviathan Keys to open. Leviathan Keys can be crafted with Forge Fragments, Cosmic Gem Dust, and a little bit of Flux to glue them together.
  • The Shadow Tower Key Mold (found in Shadow Towers) has been renamed the All Purpose Key Mold. All craftable keys (including Leviathan Keys) can now be crafted at the All Purpose Key Mold.
  • An All Purpose Key Mold has been added to the coliseums in the Shores of the Everdark and the Leviathan lairs.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing Thallasion to spawn in Shores of the Everdark.
  • Added light suggestion warning signs to Leviathan lairs.
  • Leviathan daily contests are back.
  • Fixed an issue with Adventure Heroes sometimes not being summon-able at Rally of Heroes slots. If a club was previously in this state, please try summoning a new Hero. The platform may also need to be interacted with twice to resolve the issue.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Chicken Chunk or Minimoonga from appearing in chaos chests.
  • Fox and Headless head lovers rejoice! If you own the Lunar Lancer class you can now switch to the fox head style for any class! If you own the Revenant class you can now switch to the headless style on any class! Fixed a bug that would previously allow the use of these heads by being quick. Also, may I recommend having a dance party over this? I can't stress this enough. A dance party.
  • The Invaders Killed metric now correctly increments for all nearby players instead of only the player who dealt the killing blow.
  • The Ice Sage subclass shield now successfully blocks 3 attacks for over 50% health while active (up from no attacks!)
  • Corrected the way the Knight’s shield and Ice Sage’s Ice Ward ability work to be more consistent in more situations.
  • In preparation for their return, the rare drop rates for the Romancin and Shamrockin Pinatas have been made more consistent (and overall better) for the person throwing the pinata.