Still no patch to fix leviathan looting to make it more inclusive. While private channels have been used with veteran players, I wonder how the experience has been for those who aren't in top guilds or carrying 700+ total mastery.

The issue that newer players will have soon is veteran players are finishing content and moving on. I've had some who persist even after badge is achieved in efforts to sell additional mounts but they are the minority. There only seems to be around 30 unique veteran players that I interact with that are still farming, this used to be double that figure.

My thoughts are the community members presented the solution of crafting keys w/ cosmic dust akin to Shadow Tower chest to the devs and either it is of a low priority to implement such change or the idea was ultimately rejected.

Loot breakdown:

406/500 levi kills 370+ 8man kills w/ 100% loot.

1 u10 perm torch at 335/500
1 u10 mount at 280/500