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    would it be possible in the next updates to launch trophies (psn) but challenging? DLC trophies for veterans of the game.
    example: catch 15 thousand fish, have 15 char 30 thousand of power rank and so on, like badger challenges

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    Hello Trovian!

    Thanks for the suggestion, we will keep it in mind for further debate

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    Speaking of trophies, will the text for the pvp trophy (Glorious Gladiator) ever get changed to also include Bomber Royale kills? The trophy still just says 'get to pvp rank 50'.

    Apparently the unlocking the trophy itself has been updated, but the text on the trophy list doesn't show it yet despite being changed over a year ago now.

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    We don't need more fishing badges as they take long enough on non-tuesday bonus.
    Now if we could fish for flux too that would be something.

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    sure why not but not a fishing badge. Could not think of a less fun part of the game.

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