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Thread: suggestions for improving gameplay

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    Lightbulb suggestions for improving gameplay

    Dear Trion/Gamigo, nvm, i have some suggestions for Trove, one of them is:
    Add converting any gem dust into another gem dust, for example 2 cosmic gem dust into 1 air gem dust, etc.

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    Hey there

    You can just farm in a specific land where you obtain certain gem boxes. If you ask me, the system you wish for, is just not useful enogh.
    Just go to the maximum U Lvl world, in Haunted Isles, for example, to get water gem boxes, wich gems you turn into water gem dust. Easy
    Have you eva seen such a nasty crok?

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    Why not grind for each gem individually?

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    It could be helpful for those with so much cosmic gem dust. If you spend a large amount of time farming C3 gear you end up with more cosmic dust than is useable. It could be an exchange system similar to the bomber royale one, that you can trade 2 coins for 1 of a different season. The suggestion does have merit.

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