I logged in 4 days ago after a long one/two years break.

Before downloading glyph, i changed my old outlook e-mail to my new g-mail one.
Then, i downloaded trove, launched it and then, i had to choose my username.
My old one (Krozelio) was already taken so i took another one (Krozito)
I had to go through a tutorial and after finishing it, i had nothing.
Only the class i chose and the items i picked up during the tutorial, i have nothing left.
Yet, i can still talk in my clan's chat and when i try to add "krozelio" (my original name) as a friend, it says "you can't add krozito as a friend" meaning i am ont he two accounts at the same time ??
Also, i don't have anyone on my friends list niether and when i go on my glyph account, instead of having 500 credits, as said in game, i still have my 213 ones left from my other account.

Is there a way to "go back" to my older account or just move everything back on the newer one ?

Edit: i have a friend that wanted to restart playing after a long time too and she was asked how she wanted to be named too, i told her to wait for now.