So I’m a long time Trove player and really love the game but personally I feel like end game is kinda lacking. I’ve thought a lot about things they could add. (Realistic ideas) nothing crazy or anything that would be too much programming. Instead, take things from the game to create something great.

(I understand the game is slowly dying and that there’s a chance we won’t get another major update.. but some of us still love the game. And have hope)

So here’s the idea- They add in the next major update “The Colosseum!” It’s a arena type game mode where you can go in solo, duo, trio, or a squad of 4 and fight to the death. When you spawn in, it’s a massive flat circle with one Cursed Skulls totem in the middle to begin the game. As soon as you hit it, endless waves of enemy’s spawn to fight you and with each wave, the enemy’s get stronger and stronger. With no Rejuvenation Station and a 2 jump limit. You have to see how long you can last!

3 difficulty’s. With higher rewards for the more difficult. And weekly leaderboards for highest wave achieved.

It would be a really fun way to test your strength! See how powerful you really
Most importantly, the developers cannot design the level layout. I don’t want a geode style arena. Instead, let the community design it and vote on there favorites.

(No offense to the developers.. but nobody asked for a gardening update or for geode.. u10? Yes. Geode? No)

Personally I think it would be sweet to have to buy your way into the Colosseum. 5k flux to get in the hardest difficulty. But depending on what wave you can make it to. You can earn your flux back and then more!

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this!