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Thread: Inventory Glitch

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    Inventory Glitch

    At the current time of this post, I am not aloud to Sell, Chest, or Trade Scrolls or Veridium. When I press on them to move them it just selects flux. I have emptied my inventory of flux, I have tried many different ways to force the game to see I have these items. However it won’t work. Please look into this issue, it has costed me lots of time and possible profits just cause of this issue.

    Ps4 Slim
    Time of glitch occurring: 10:20 EST - 10:30 EST

    I had purchased Veridium to raise the price and then sell it, but it just brings me back to flux when I tried to list it. Scrolls happened a long time ago, no date for that.

    I’ll be reinstalling the game to see if it will fix it.

    Edit 3: Reinstall didn’t fix it, still not able to sell Veridium on market.

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    Itll be easier to explain in messages, send me one through psn, "send_pet_pics"

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