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Thread: Lures disappeared, unable to buy, or trade for more

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    Lures disappeared, unable to buy, or trade for more

    I was fishing, ran out of lures, went to buy them from Salt water Sam.

    I bought them, they never showed up in my inventory. Tried again, spent 2k glim trying to buy them; Glim is used, but lures wont show up.

    Tried buying from market place, same thing. Flux is used, sale shows done, but no lures show up in inventory.

    Got my friend to trade me 130 lures - they disappeared from their inventory, never showed up in mine.

    Tried relogging, restarting steam, changing worlds, and changing class. Nothing works. (Haven't yet tried reinstalling Trove)

    Is this something others have encountered? I just want my lures

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    empty ALL your inventory into chests.
    Your bags and then listed inventory.

    If have to much stuff try doing one section at a time but best results are emptying everything.
    It will fix things you did not know were broken and might even magically find items you never knew you had..

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