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Thread: The U9 Leviathan Hitboxes need changing.

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    The U9 Leviathan Hitboxes need changing.

    Timmense, The Powerful Pontoon Needs a Massive hitbox increase 99% of shots dont register hitting it and can very annoying to fight when you havent got a decent group for it, sometimes i find it takes longer to kill than the u10 leviathan due to hitboxes and server lag not being on our side most of the time. PLEASE can you help increase/fix the hitboxes for this boss as its not a good boss to fight against if you havent got the greatest group for it. Thank you -WheezingMuffin9

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    It does have a bad hit box.
    For now best results are standing under it looking up for me.
    I'd also suggest a tank to hold it in place.

    Don't really care for PUGS at end game especially where there's 0 ways to control your environment.
    My suggestion is to either be a leader and start a group or become a hunter and be the guy who finds them. Both will have great results if you want them to.

    Yes please x10 that hit box and just add a rejuvenating station in the Levi cave and save us the 3 seconds of teleporting around..

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    With less and less people doing leviathans and since it's mainly the stronger folks that have finished the badge and moved on. This would be a thing that gets more people interested in the game (more mid-end game players coming back). It's not fun when we have the dps to kill the boss but only because of the terrible hit box and lag most groups are having trouble finishing it.

    Send Help! \o/
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    Thanks for your feedback guys,
    From my own experiences the hitbox doesn't seem to be the biggest issue, its more due to the server lag causing many shots to not be registered (there may also be a cap on the amount shots that can be registered, so the more the people shooting the less the chance of your own shot being registered, that's just my i guess though not sure if that's actually a thing).
    For example in teams of 8 in empty uber worlds fighting Timmense, I encountered little to no problem hitting the boss. However in teams that fill up the whole world, i've experienced many issues hitting the boss and most times it even takes longer to kill.
    Nonetheless I've passed this issue of the hitbox onto the Gamigo team so they can investigate it if they deem it as necessary.

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