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Thread: The U9 Leviathan Hitboxes need changing.

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    The U9 Leviathan Hitboxes need changing.

    Timmense, The Powerful Pontoon Needs a Massive hitbox increase 99% of shots dont register hitting it and can very annoying to fight when you havent got a decent group for it, sometimes i find it takes longer to kill than the u10 leviathan due to hitboxes and server lag not being on our side most of the time. PLEASE can you help increase/fix the hitboxes for this boss as its not a good boss to fight against if you havent got the greatest group for it. Thank you -WheezingMuffin9

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    It does have a bad hit box.
    For now best results are standing under it looking up for me.
    I'd also suggest a tank to hold it in place.

    Don't really care for PUGS at end game especially where there's 0 ways to control your environment.
    My suggestion is to either be a leader and start a group or become a hunter and be the guy who finds them. Both will have great results if you want them to.

    Yes please x10 that hit box and just add a rejuvenating station in the Levi cave and save us the 3 seconds of teleporting around..

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