Each time, I decided to farm something thanks the daily bonus, I have problems with FPS which does not stop degrading after an hour or 2, until freeze, it is unpleasant to force myself to restart completely the game to regain total fluidity. I'm tired of seeing millions of trove's problems. it's really tiring. The worst part is that the game crashes with an error code "CE-34878-0" every 3 or 4 days, it annoys me too. There is a new problem recently, another form of lag that appears in the game is that my character does not stop teleporting anywhere. I am tired the servers that lag for nothing while I have no internet problem.

So I want to fix all of them please. Thank you. I hope the trove team will see my message here.

Pseudo : Roswell5151Qc
Plateform : PS4 pro