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Thread: Is the Store fixed or not?

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    Is the Store fixed or not?

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever had in a game..
    No damn clue if you buy a item if you'll get it...

    Who is in charge of the store? They should get a new position in finding jobs for everyone they just got laid off.
    You can't tell me your not down $10,000s this week alone as people dont trust your store.

    YOUR customers don't trust your store. How the hell are you going to recover from this one....

    Lots of tickets coming in over the busy holidays, but our support team will get to yours and others

    Close your store if you don't have employees to take care of it.

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    Mobi posted this on the 30th, so it looks like Not... too bad, stuff I wanted to buy too. But not trusting it and going through the hassle and aggravation other are to get their stuff.

    "Reminder again to put in a support ticket to help get your account issue resolved, I know it is taking longer than expected for a response but it will happen in due time.
    Thank you all again for reporting as we worked out this issue over the holidays.
    Happy new year to all "

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