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Thread: One shotted!!

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    One shotted!!

    So a while back my stats were shat for a 13k gunslinger with 30k dps, about 20% crit hit and 300% crit damage and 600k health. Someone told me to lower my health to about 200k and get my damage up. So I did. 110k dps, 103% crit hit and 800% crit damage. 260k hp. 19.2k PR. Now this does perfectly fine even in u9, but my health is a real problem now. I get one shotted in u9 pretty much and have to spam my flask(peasant me still uses Elysian jug) but those ranged things kill me faster, and I loose tons of magic find, and just generally die a lot. If I want to grind gem boxes, I have to find cursed skulls and not bosses with ranged attacks and it kinda annoys me, and I already know about death defying but it’s so godamn expensive(3k credits and 20k cubits) so I just need advice on getting more health(all of my gems are crit dmg, crit hit and magic dmg except two with health percentage) hotmail.com

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    2k credits or 20k clubits not both. https://trove.fandom.com/wiki/Death-Defying_Vial

    Save up yours clubits and get this as a GS you should have all dps as you have. Really wont take you that long to save up 20k clubits compared to somethings in trove that may take you months to grind out or save up for.
    If saving up for DD is not fun for you. Walk away now as trove is all about working on that next thing you need or want.
    If your free to play it will take you years to of grinding to get everything in trove. That's why its such a great game to people who like to set small or large goal and get results as you check things off with visible rewards.

    Small steps lead to great things.
    @13K PR your focus should be getting lvl 1 3 stated stellar gem and just leveling them to 15 for now. If you get a 2 stat stellar gem lvl it to 15 but make sure you replace it with a lvl 3 stat gem and dont levl is up to 25 as you will always be missing that 1 stat boost.
    GL getting DD, its a great goal to have as you look for gems to get you going to higher PR.

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