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Thread: major store issue

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    major store issue

    Know of 5 people who bought items over the last few days but did not get the items.
    Credit pouches x4 and other was a pack.
    We thought psn was just busy but now 48 hours has past for 2 of the people.
    Your sales have to be low...

    Can we get support on this now that xmas is over as a top ticket item and a explanation.

    Then you need to credit every CC and Gcc used over the last few days to everyone who used them as the new mount is not in them.
    Happy holidays.

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    I understand it’s a job and employees don’t work 24hrs a day 7days a week especially around the holidays, but when a company’s has issues those issues need to be addressed. With that said as far as I can tell there hasn’t been any response from Gamigo/devs/costumer support on the issue. It’s not just PS4 but all platforms that are experiencing the problem. So lets examine:
    It’s the weekend and nothing will probably be addressed till Monday.
    We are going into another holiday week with New Years.
    As far as I can tell there are a couple thousand complaint tickets for this exact issue across all the platforms.
    And yes I’m one of the many that didn’t receive the items I purchased.

    So really the question is when will we get a response and how will the issue be addressed and remedied.

    PSN Pan_the_Accuser
    Ticket #1379716
    Purchased: Jam Pack - never received pack items

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    Stores open but no employees are there to man it is what they have said on twatter.
    Not sure how they are going to recover from people not trusting the store.

    They have messed up badly in the past as we all know but I don't know how you recover from your paying customers all being pissed off or feeling cheated.
    The 1 person you don't want to piss off is the one handing you cash....
    I think they have crossed off every possible way to ruin this title....

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    True but how much longer does this game survive on consoles? Next year PS5 will be out and almost for certain it will not be brought over. They seem to be throwing way more support at PC player/game issues now anyways. Things like this only help players walk away now shrinking the console community in size for that finale blow. The days are numbered I fear.

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