This seems to have been an issue that's been going on for a while, with no signs of ever being fixed.

When playing on a standard PS4, the Atlas will always lag when using it for any of the central islands. By this, I mean it will drop to maybe 2-5 frames per second when trying to move the cursor. Oddly enough, this only works for anywhere central in the Atlas. Once you get further out, it runs perfectly smoothly, as is meant to (and how it used to everywhere). However, as soon as the cursor makes its way back towards the middle, the lag kicks back in. I've seen this issue occur in videos of other people playing too, so I know it's not just me. It makes using the Atlas significantly more frustrating than necessary.

Do the Trove Team have any idea what's causing this issue / a possible fix? I'm sure I've seen people complaining about it from months ago, so I'm pretty confident the developers are aware of it, I just want to know if a fix is in the works. Thanks!