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Thread: A few things..

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    A few things..

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    I love the new update but theres a few things on my mind

    - The gem quests take way too long for the amount of exp you get for them. I'm in a newer club and we are forced to reroll or wait for a shadow tower quest to actually pile on some exp. Shouldn't 25 gems per quest equal to 750 exp?

    - Rerolls cost too much for clubs not 10 or 11 without a stock pile of clubits acquired before the update. Therefore we have to wait for the npcs to go away which makes it hard to level.

    -The neon darter quest takes too long. Why not make it catch 10 plasma fish like the water and lava fish quest.

    - Levi drops are horrible. You cant make flux at all doing it. I was wondering if it was supposed to be like that. I would have thought they would drop stellars like shadow tower bosses. Also add loot boxes and a key system for levis.


    - I was wondering since most people use ganda for everything if there was way you guys could add more skins for it since console cant change the fx. Maybe put it in a store pack which has no mastery. A lime green ganda or a zombie ganda would be noice

    - Add a settings option for /fov so we don't have to change it every time we change worlds

    - fxenable 0 to fxenable 1 makes ps4 people crash
    - Water and air ubers are basically the same. It'd be nice to have a new biome in each

    - Get rid of the top quick chat settings and let us customize them. I've never used Help!

    - Choloromancers shots don't always register and the characters broken

    - Ally swap speed runs are whack. Get rid of those allies please or take away the damage boost when an enemy dies

    Also Im looking for the old winter event butterfly lol

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    Ganda skinnnns thooo!

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