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Thread: Club World Chunk Destroyed

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    Exclamation Club World Chunk Destroyed

    The starting chunk of my club world has been completely destroyed back to its original condition, removing everything that had been built on it. I'm the only person in my club who can terraform based on permissions and I checked the club log and nothing had occured. So this must be a glitch from an update. Is it possible to get my club world rolled back so I don't lose pretty much everything I have built? It was the starting island so there is a lot gone.

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    Half of my LED structure got destroyed by this bug. I lost at least 7 million flux worth of materials (because LED blocks are expensive to make) and a lot of time spent building. Please restore it from a backup or refund me for the cost. Club is called Soundcloud and location of the structure is 1189, 63, 0.
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    similary problem
    a lot of map/chunk delete
    biiiig temple create for mantle of power
    big village and statue of player in club
    2 big pvp , 1 theme castle on island and 1 underground theme neon city spacial

    i have take transit portal for going on all map for the people look(visiting) all nice build and i spawn in zone and no transit portal
    this moment its very sad , you see .....nothing ... your build not here , a lot of time and ressource in build

    these constructions are so many memories and long time pass, for events club of just for fun.
    12k hour on trove and a lot in club for build
    is it possible to go rollback chunk ?

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    This happened to us too. I submitted a ticket a couple of months ago. They said their engineers were looking into it.

    This whole "they'll fix it" mess is baloney - how in the world can they can replace the regenerated club chunks...all of the pixel art, trophies, builds, fixtures, etc after months of it being removed? If they do a rollback, we'll lose any progress we've made since then & that will probably mess something else up.

    In our club, we lost Geode fixtures (cut in 1/2 like the pic shown above), our pinata party streamer event center, our PVP arena, pixel art, museum full of graciously donated trophies...all to chunk regeneration.

    I asked for a rollback when it happened. Since no action has been taken yet...and it's almost FEBRUARY now...I assume we're all S.O.L.

    I feel for the people losing characters, character progress, entire clubs, etc. It's easier for Trove to refund store purchases or simply give the person the missing items that they bought than it will be to give us back the missing club chunks that were full of builds and items (some of us spent irl $$$$$ to buy some items) - especially as more time passes by.

    They'll just keep making the CSRs say "submit a ticket, make sure you incl your purchase receipts". At this point, idc if they give some sort of compensation...I don't trust them anymore.

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    The only thing you can do guys is to send a support ticket, only they can do something with that.

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