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Thread: Players Beware....

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    Players Beware....

    Lost a Max lvl cosmic gem full augment , Was Told by Edgar the Customer Service person to kick rocks. They don’t have any way of restoring item. If your going to have a online game but can’t restore items, you don’t need to be running a online game.

    It’s been fun guys,
    #DoV 4 Life

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    Well it's not really their fault you trashed it now is it?
    If you just did it and hasn't been 24 hours you can collect it back if you didn't actually trash it but collected it.

    Next is that yes they can restore items by rolling back your character. By that is that when people have cornerstone issues they rolled back to fix it.
    So basically they said it was your own fault and they won't fix it.

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    Understand that frustration completely.
    I think the issue is not having a CS team who understand trove.

    Would take me 5 minutes without any info to figure out the item your missing and if a replacement was warranted.
    Max level character, 100s of millions of flux earned and spent, 700 days on, million and millions worth of items in inventory.
    You have 11 perfect gems? last week you had 34000 pr according to leader board rewards.
    You say you made error. Clearly something happened.
    Here's a gem it will be the only one we give you, if it happens again please understand we won't replace it.

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