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Thread: Missing Character progress

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    Exclamation Missing Character progress

    So I player trove over a year ago. Yesterday I got bored and decided to play it again. When I logged in with my email , that I am sure its the same cause I checked it and there is my account registration , it asked me for a name. When I entered the game all my progress was missing. I tried to sent the support a ticket but it does not even show in the "my activities" section. I tried to sent 3 times without luck. So it seems that I cant even sent a ticket. Any help will be appreciated because I farmed so hard and I do not want to start over again.

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    You'll have to open a ticket through their support portal on their website. I opened one over a month ago, and this is the response I got:

    We have been informed by the Game Team, that they are still working on a fix for this issue. As this concerns multiple accounts, please kindly note that it will take some time to resolve.

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