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Thread: Lack of entering club and rent.

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    Lack of entering club and rent.

    As we can’t enter our clubs at the moment, we can’t donate to rent either meaning we’re missing out on boosts from primary club fixtures. Unless the devs wipe the rent for 2 weeks, we are up a creek.

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    We are also missing out on our daily clubits from max merchant, club experience, Adventurine, and possible clubit donations. Clubs with auto rent will be losing those clubits with no possible way to put clubits into the club. Especially with having these clubs down for such a long period of time there should be clubits and club experience given to each affected club.

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    I feel very weak without my buffs from clubs. If no one can enter the club world then rent can't be paid even with the auto-pay feature. All the clubs i'm in have been affected so i can't get extra gem boxes or talismans either. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I'm already noticing less players online because of this
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    Well you think thats bad ... im not gaining any buffs either as rent cant be paid and i also had 200 alchemy plants in the club thats ready to be harvested and i cant, im also kinda mad that i cant collect the merchant 300 daily clubits either or gain xp for the club before the leviathon update

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    Looks like they know what clubs are having this issue.
    Should be pretty easy to contact them and have them take a look.
    Id assume they are looking at this as a top issue from the CS point of view.
    GL with your plants, I had 2000 plants during a issue on the ps4 and was told to get bent.

    Good news is they are either getting in to the deep certified or just a xmas event..


    Update 7: I have good news. We are about to unlock the servers and we were able to resolve a majority of the issues that happened this morning. I also have less good news, one issue will remain until we can next go through Certification, which we hope will be on December 16th and 17th.

    The remaining issue we found is that many of the clubs that were accessed this morning will remain inaccessible until our next game patch. What this looks like in game is attempting to join the club world and instead being bounced into the hub. Put frankly this sucks, we know it, and we hate it too. We are reaching out to Microsoft to let them know what has happened to see if we can get the Certification process expedited.

    For now, we have a list of inaccessible clubs and will be providing compensation, once this is resolved, to the affected club presidents that logged in during this issue. However, these clubs will not be accessible until the next patch is live.

    We will also be providing 50 dragon coins and a 1-day patron pass to every player who logs in this weekend (From now until December 9th at 11 AM UTC). Thank you again to all of the players who reached out to let us know this is happening. We really appreciate you.

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