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Thread: Server issues

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    Server issues

    PS4 just had a lag spike. Delayed chat. Changing worlds resulted in being stuck in frozen loading. Trying to log back in it gets stuck at AS: Login. People in my party chat are having issues changing worlds as well as chat delay and lag.

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    I'm frustrated too, because my trove game was freeze and I can't play after using teleportation into the hub.

    I'll a bit. I tested to farm all item for flux in any area, When I started being teased farmer in the same area, I decided to teleport to the hub to continue the painful mission in the geode area, but the game freezes when I arrived in the Hub and becomes unplayable. It's annoying if they did not fix this stupid big bug or glitch. Probably the server are highly unstable >

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    There will be an update on December 16, 2019, I do not know if this will solve this damn problem coming from the completely unstable server like being lag until hard freeze.

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