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Thread: Trove Xbox Problem

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    Trove Xbox Problem

    Ok, so, not that long ago, I had downloaded Steam on my pc and got Trove on it. Trove forced me to create a new Trove account and it won't let me log into the one I use on Xbox. I have no idea where and how I am supposed to log into my xbox account on pc. And yes, I connected my Xbox Trove account to a Glyph and Trion account. I have a lot of questions and I need a lot of help answering. Thank you sm.

    Where can I check my Trion account on Xbox? For example, what my username is.

    I tried logging in using the info I had used before and it is not working. When I try to send an email to change my pass it doesn't send anything?

    Is it even possible to use your xbox account on pc? https://scrabblewordfinder.vip https://www.applock.ooo https://www.7zip.vip

    Thank you so much if you can answer my questions. I have no idea who else to ask or where else to look.

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    XBox, PS4 and PC are completely different servers so you can't login on PC from your XBox account.
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