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Thread: empowered gems and reroll issues

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    empowered gems and reroll issues

    Dear community
    Lets begin. SO I had this empowered gem for quite a while and I decided to reroll 1 of its stats and what happened is: I rerolled it once and it changed from max health % in a value. The issue is that I rerolled the same gem more than 10 times (14 I recall) and the only thing this reroll has done is change the % in a value over and over again. SO if anyone knows how to "fix" this problem of mine cause I don't think its RNG id appreciate it. And also if a dev sees this post and can maybe confirm this is a bug that would be great ; and if I can at least get my stat that I wanted to reroll it at the beginning it would be EXCELENT.
    Sincerely ArTiss

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    Unfortunately its working as intended. As ****ty as it may be all you can do is keep flipping that coin.
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