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Thread: I need help with a pack I bought.

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    I need help with a pack I bought.

    Hello everyone,,
    I just got myself 20€ to spend so I decised to buy 20€ gift card for myself and buy credits, as I needed flux to boost myself up I watched all the packs and decided a costume pack was the best as costumes go 100k each on the market, I bought it but instead of them going to my inventory they automatically equipped themselves, it did not say anything that it will equip the costumes Last time I bought a pack It went to my inventory.....I do not know what to do I want my credits back and 20€ is alot to me.... Please can anyone help me and tell me what to do. I did make a ticket and told the supporr everything....Is there a way I'll get the credits back?100001.onl/ 1921681254.mx/ acc.onl/hotmail

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    Almost every item in the store can Not be traded or sold in game.
    They are personal use only, some automatically equip and some go in your bags as a not tradable item.

    Credit pouches are the item you buy to sell on the market for flux.

    I wish you luck with trying to get a exchange of items. In the future I suggest credit pouches if your looking for flux.

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