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Thread: Club chat channel numbers

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    Club chat channel numbers

    There is a bug on xbox where when you join a new club the number that the club starts at is ridiculously high. I saw a thread a few months ago about this in the ps4 section but it looks like it was taken down and never got resolved. i was thinking about joining another club soon but i also love using the /c1 or /c2 etc. commands to change chats. These don't work if the club has a high number and hell no am I pressing 'Y' 15000 times!! (highest number i've seen someone get so far). The last club i joined was at c10949 and i had to take breaks between rapid 'y' button pressing sessions lmao no ty. Please look into this.

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    lmao I’ve had this same problem, When I joined the club Trillium it set it to /c17000+ & the same things happened to a friend of mine. I didn’t worry about changing it but it is very annoying when I wanted to change chats quickly using the /c command. I hope this gets fixed soon!
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